Extra Credit Presentation???

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Today I found out that my physics  teacher is offering extra credit to those who are willing to do a presentation on how physics applies to things in real life. I have a 99% in physics, so I am in no need of extra credit, but I think I should do the presentation just to get the experience. After all, the only way to conquer your fears is through exposure. The more I cower away from public speaking, the stronger my fear  will grow.

Of course, preparing for this presentation will give me a lot of stress, possibly some sleepless nights, but I know I would feel incredibly guilty if I simply let this opportunity pass by. I need to get over my stage fright. How will I survive in college when I have to stand up in front of hundreds of people and present?

So yes. I will do this presentation. I will sweat, I will tremble, and I will be afraid, but the more public speak, the easier it will get. I know that much.

Let this be a message to those reading this: Fears are only there to be overcome. Overcoming your fears is incredibly awarding, as you will grow as a person, become more confident in yourself, and live a life less anxious. Personally, I’ve always been an incredibly shy kid. Up until recently, I HATED raising my hand in class to answer/ask questions. I simply couldn’t do it. Every day as I walked into each class, I felt afraid that my teachers would call on me to answer a question. Then one day, I woke up and told myself that I didn’t want to be so anxious every single day. I didn’t NEED to be anxious. So I slowly began to raise my hand.  I started by answering simple questions that didn’t require much speaking. At first, I was terrified. My heart would race, my voice would waver, and I would break into a sweat. But I continued to answer questions, and the more I did it, the easier it got. After answering questions became easy enough, I went on to asking the teachers questions, and later I engaged myself in classroom discussions. Now, I can speak up in class without hesitation. Public speaking- when I am physically standing in front of the whole class- is still extremely anxiety provoking for me, but I know I can tackle it, just like I tackled my fear of raising my hand in class.

Thanks for reading this, and I’d appreciate it if you guys could comment below any tips/strategies you have regarding oral presentations.

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