Broken Water Pipe Closes School???

Today was supposed to be the first day back to school from winter break (groan), but turns out something much different happened! In the beginning of first period, there was an announcement saying that because of a broken water pipe in a neighboring middle school, our high school had no water. Thus, students could not use the restrooms. When first period ended, there was another announcement saying that because of this situation, school would be cancelled. One cannot describe the pure joy and euphoria of all the students upon hearing the news. The protocol for teachers to release students from classrooms was extremely chaotic and not well-planned. Basically, all students had to call the person who would pick them up from school, put the teacher on the line, and the teacher had to confirm the student’s dismissal. It was a super interesting process.

In all my eleven years in school, I have never experienced anything like this. It’s crazy that a broken water pipe, of all things, could shut down a school.

Another major thing that happened today was that I quit diving. Yes, after one month of diving, I decided to quit. The decision was a tough one, because I really enjoyed diving and I made a lot of friends there. Unfortunately, diving is a huge time commitment, because it is four days a week. On top of that, my coach told me from the beginning that since I started diving at age 16, I would most likely not be able to dive competitively. I don’t have unlimited time, and if I don’t have any future in diving, then the time commitment is not worth it. Right now, as a junior in high school, my main priority is my studies, along with volunteer work.

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