The Importance of Finding Your Passion

Happy Saturday everyone! I just came back from another private lesson with Natalja, which I will write about on another date. Right now, I want to talk about the importance of finding your passion and working towards your dreams. I know, it sounds cliche, but the importance of finding something you love cannot be understated.

From age five to fifteen, I dedicated myself to gymnastics. Gymnastics was my passion for those ten years. It was all I ever wanted to do.  However, my parents emphasized the importance of finding balance in life- in my case, I had to maintain straight A’s in school, otherwise no more gymnastics. With my busy training schedule, I was forced to be extremely efficient with my schoolwork. There was no such thing as fooling around and getting distracted by electronics while studying. At school, I couldn’t afford to zone out in class- I had to give the teacher 150% of my attention during lectures, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to keep up with academics.

When I got injured two years ago and had to quit the sport, my life changed completely. I lost my passion. And with that, I lost my fire, my drive, my motivation. Going from training nearly every day to nothing was especially difficult. I was lost. I didn’t know what to do with my time. I used to put in all my energy and focus to whatever I did- be it school, piano, flute, you name it. Without gymnastics, I slacked off. I got distracted by my phone when studying. I no longer woke up early before school to exercise. For my whole life, everybody- my family, my coaches, my teachers, my friends- all knew me as the hard worker. I was blessed with an incredible work ethic. However, after gymnastics, I was no longer this person that everyone knew me to be, and because of that, I suffered an identity crisis.

Thankfully, one week ago, I finally jumped out of that low point in my life. Why? Because I found a new passion- ballroom dance. I have found my fire that lay dormant for the last two years. For the past week, I haven’t even looked at my phone while doing homework and studying. For the past week, I’ve practiced ballroom whenever time allowed- before school, at lunchtime, right after school, and late at night after studying. I have found myself again. And I am forever grateful to our Father in Heaven for helping me through a rough patch and emerge stronger than ever.

Moral of the story: You must find your passion, but it is only when you truly love something that you can excel at it. When you have a passion, nobody forces you to pursue it- you are your own driving force. This is how people become successful at what they do. More than that, though, having a passion gives you a purpose in life. Words cannot describe what it feels like to have a passion. I’ve never fallen in love with a person, but I can imagine that having a passion for something is, in many ways, similar. All you ever think about is your passion. Working at your passion doesn’t feel like work- you lose yourself in it. Of course, there are perils to devoting your life to one particular thing- you lack balance. Putting all your eggs in one basket can either make you or break you. I learned this the hard way with gymnastics- I dedicated my life to the sport, only to get injured and lose it all. With my new passion for ballroom dance, I will learn from the past. I will devote myself to ballroom and work hard as hell to reach my best personal potential, but this time around, I will also make sure to maintain balance in life. This doesn’t mean simply keeping up good grades- it means having friends both at school and ballroom; having other side interests besides ballroom; making time for family.

I have to go eat lunch now, but I hope this post was inspiring and thought-provoking to at least one person 🙂

Talk to you guys soon!

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