On Patience and Success

Hey everyone!! Haven’t written in so long because of AP’s and high school stress… But AP’s are over now (I tried my best and my best is enough.), so I FINALLY have time to start blogging regularly again!!

Today’s topic is about patience and how having this quality is INTEGRAL to being successful in life. Patience is also one of the hardest things for high-achieving human beings to learn.

Lately I’ve been feeling super impatient and frustrated with myself over ballroom dance. I just started dancing a bit over three months ago, yet in my mind I expect myself to be a world champion already. Obviously such thinking is delusional. To be able to dance fluently takes years and years, let along becoming world champion. So why, you may ask, must I continually torment myself each day with such unrealistic expectations?

I guess it’s because after devoting so many years to gymnastics and reaching such a high level in the sport, it is hard for me to start from square one in something completely different. I want to be the best. But I have to remember how I got to the level I was in gymnastics: years and years and years of hard work and dedication. Likewise, with dance, it will take time for me to develop the wings to fly. This right now- the very beginning, learning how to walk- is the hardest part. I’m learning a totally new language. Nobody said it would be easy. With anything in life, you always have to start at the beginning, and then make your way up the mountain. And one day, after years of relentless climbing, you will reach the summit and fly.

So I need to be patient with myself. I came across a quote today that really hit home with me:

“Never give up. Great things take time.”

I will not give up. I will focus and persevere and work hard, never compare myself to others, and most importantly, I will enjoy the journey and appreciate the opportunity I have to dance.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

Until next time,