First Day of Acting!!!

Hey everyone! Today was a super exciting day! My two friends, Callista and Cassandra and I went to our very first acting lesson! That’s right, ACTING. And what a rewarding experience it was!!!

Let me just clarify- I am not looking to pursue a career in acting. That is definitely not my intention in attending these lessons. Although, who knows? Perhaps hidden underneath all that inhibition is a true actress in the making… haha. No, the three of us decided to pick up acting simply because we wanted to build more confidence around people. I also want to improve the performing aspect of ballroom dance- that is, being able to embody the character of each dance and connect with the audience.

So today we attended our first one hour session with Leah (our acting coach). Leah is really great in the sense that she is patient, understanding, and easy to get along with. With acting, the key thing is to get out of your head. Release your inhibitions. Turn off the self-judgment button, and just not be afraid of making a complete fool of yourself! We did some warm-up exercises that required lots of improv and weirdness. There is this one game we played that I call “sound+action”. Basically the four of us formed a circle and each person would turn to the person next to her and perform a random combination of sound and action. The second person would then mimic the first person’s sound and action, then make up her own. This exercise was really nerve-racking at first, since you are totally going against your instincts. We were doing crazy things like waving our arms around and screaming gibberish- things we typically refrain from doing around other people!! But this was acting class, and when you are acting, you just have to release all pressure and self-judgement and crap like that.

I could go on and on about today, but I have to go to sleep. I’m waking up at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning for a GRIT class at my local gym. But in short, taking up acting as a hobby is one of the best decisions I have made. I truly believe these classes will help with me with performance-anxiety, ballroom dance, and just confidence as a person. Really looking forward to where my acting journey will lead me, and I will keep you guys posted!!

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