Hey everyone! I’m currently on a week-long vacation with the fam in Maui!! While it’s great to get away from everything in paradise, I couldn’t resist the urge to post something!! Today’s topic: SENIOR YEAR!!

I cannot believe school starts in one week on the 18th! SENIOR YEAR! I kid you not- It literally feels like yesterday when I was a timid freshman stepping foot on a foreign campus that now feels like home.

This year is definitely going to be a doozy: 4 APs, college applications, shadowing Dr. Nwynn, tutoring, teaching flute, ballroom dance competitions. I’m really stretching myself thin this year. Reminds me of my past years as a competitive gymnast, juggling school with training and competing. Regardless, I’m actually looking forward to this challenge! It’s not going to be easy, but hey- easy is boring. Challenges beget personal growth and make you mentally and emotionally stronger!

I will continue to update you guys regarding how senior year goes, both academically and extracurricularly!!

Until then, look forward to upcoming posts on: 1) Maui vacation and 2) Back to school tips!!



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