Ambushed In Maui

Today I had a strange experience in Maui. I was standing outside a public restroom with my two brothers and dad, waiting for my mom to finish up. Suddenly, a random lady whom I’ve never seen in my life runs up to me, screaming vulgar words and hitting me on the head repeatedly. I was in complete shock, since nothing like this happened to me IN MY LIFE- let alone in Maui. The worst part is, this woman had a daughter no older than three years old, watching. My only explanation for why this lady would use aggression towards me for no apparent reason is that she is on drugs or is mentally ill.

My point in recounting this traumatic experience is neither to elicit sympathy nor to get attention. Rather, I believe that with any experience, good or bad, there is always something to be garnered.

What happened to me today brought me a new level of awareness of this world’s ugliness. You hear terrible stories of violence and aggression, but never think something like this could happen to you.

I guess what I learned after today is that this world is not all butterflies and rainbows. There are crazy people out there who do crazy things, and all you can do is take away their power to harm others. After the initial shock of the incident had passed, further reflection brought me to some degree of clarity regarding my thoughts and feelings.

Firstly, I do not feel any anger towards this lady. Of course, hitting me on the head in public is an inexcusable act of violence. However, as far as I’m concerned, I did nothing to provoke this lady to do what she did. I had never even seen her in my life! This leads me to conclude that this lady has some mental issues, in which case, I pity her. What happened to me today could have happened to anybody, which leads me to my second feeling: concern.

I am concerned that another person may go through what I experienced today. Unfortunately, the lady, scared off by my mother’s screaming and threatening (you go mom!) ran away with her kid before anyone could call the police. That means she is still out there on the loose. I now pray to our Father in Heaven to, if not relieve this lady of her issues, protect those around her from her rampages. That’s what it seemed like- a rampage. One minute she was completely calm and normal, next thing she’s freaking out and whacking strangers. But I digress… I also feel concern for her young daughter, who will undoubtedly be influenced by her mother’s violent behavior, and may even fall victim to physical abuse. This innocent little girl was dealt a bad hand by having a mother like this. Again, I pray to God to help this little girl.

Mixed in with pity and concern is a third feeling: gratitude. While this experience was not at all pleasant, it could have been much worse. The lady could have been carrying a weapon. She could have hit me even harder, putting me at risk of concussion or brain damage. But I’m physically intact, healthy, perfectly fine. And for this I am so grateful. This experience also made me realize that I have it good. I’m grateful that my whole life I’ve been sheltered from violence, as I am blessed with a loving family and community. However, this does not mean I can turn a blind eye to atrocities that many less fortunate people face.

On a lighter and happier note, though, I’m glad to say that my day ended very well, despite the bad experience. Shortly after getting ambushed by the woman, my family and I boarded a ship for a cruise dinner. There was a waiter on the ship named Ben, who (even in my state of semi-shock) caught my eye with his good looks and friendly demeanor. So throughout the cruise dinner, I watched him, simply because, well- he’s nice to look at! After the dinner ended, we all got off the ship and said our goodbyes to the crew. When it reached time to say bye to Ben, I shook his hand, and he gave me this gorgeous smile. He didn’t let go of my hand, though, which was surprising, but hey, I’m not complaining 🙂 He then said to me, “I hope you had a great time tonight, after what happened earlier.” Apparently he heard about the incident from some people on the ship- probably eyewitnesses. Ben told me to just black out what happened, as this world is full of crazy people who just aren’t worth my time and energy. He repeatedly apologized that this happened to me, and gave me several hugs. His words and actions were actually very comforting. My family, who was aware of my partiality towards Ben, asked if they could take a picture of the two of us. One picture turned into an entire photoshoot! After pictures were over, we talked some more. I mustered up the courage to tell him how handsome he was, and he replied by saying I have a beautiful smile.. I quickly discovered that, along with having looks, Ben has a brain. He graduated college three years ago with an aerospace engineer degree, but after falling in love with the sea, decided to choose a different path. When it was time for Ben to get back on the ship, we hugged about three times, and he gave me a kiss on the forehead and cheek.

I didn’t get his number, which I’m not sure I’m regretting or not, but like I said- a great end to a bad day.

Hope you guys found this post eye-opening, inspiring, and entertaining. Thanks so much for reading, I love you all:)

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