First Writing Job!

Hi everyone! This brief post is an announcement of my new position as writer for the Odyssey, an online platform that empowers writers of all ages to reach a wide audience and make their voices heard. Don’t fret-this does not mean that I will stop posting on “Teenage Struggles”. In fact, many of the posts I make on my personal blog will be re-uploaded onto my Odyssey platform. That being said, I’ve decided that “Teenage Struggles” will be home to more personal stories- my continual fight against mental health illness, weekly goal updates (dance, academics, career goals, etc), and any other burgeoning thoughts/feelings I have that need to be released into the open.

Here is the link to my Odyssey blog:

Hope you guys continue to follow me on this blog, as well as my new one!

Sending hugs and positive thoughts your way! Enjoy the rest of your night 🙂




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