Growing Up as a Triplet (pt.1)

What’s it like growing up as a triplet? Well, glad you asked! Here are 11 things triplets know all too well.

  1. We are not twins, dammit!
  2. The annual “triplets” feature in the school yearbook.
  3. You have a one in three chance of being the target of mom’s fiery wrath.angry abby lee
  4. Zero privacy because everything you say/do/post will eventually find its way back to your siblings.
  5. Getting into “triplet formation” when taking pictures. That is, stand in the order in which we were born. Only like every family picture, EVER.
  6. This next one’s unique to me and my brothers: Being known by all as “ABC” (Austin-Belicia-Chris). And we are, in fact, American-born Chinese.american born chinese
  7. Sharing EVERYTHING. Birthday parties, bedrooms, Christmas presents, lucky money, graduation parties, you name it. Being the only girl, however, I will say that I have it better than my poor brothers.sharing is caring
  8. “Happy birthday, dear Austin-Belicia-Christopher…[gasp for air]gasping for air
  9. Matching outfits. Here’s a challenge: can you guess who is who? 037.JPG
  10. “OHHHHHH you’re Austin and Chris’s twin.” Kanye West Visits BET's "106 & Park"
  11. “Wait wait wait. You’re a TRIPLET?!?!”mind blown

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