Anticipatory Anxiety About Pre-med

Lately, I’ve been worrying excessively over the prospect of starting college classes in less than one week. I worry mostly about the intense academic rigor of the premed track.

Doing well in your premed courses and maintaining a high GPA is CRITICAL for medical school. UCLA is a huge university, with 43K students. That means that class sizes, especially lower-division courses, can hold hundreds of students. Crazy.

They say classes like General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry are “weeders”- that is, they separate the “premeds” from the actual PREMEDS who make it to the finish line. I fear that I will fall into the former category of students.

I know there is no reason for me to worry. I did well in high school, and I’ve developed effective study habits. College is a whole new ballpark, however, so I’ll have to work harder than I’ve worked before. That’s okay, though, because I am ready to work. I feel that my life experiences up until this point- competitive gymnastics and dancing- have given me the discipline and focus I need to excel as a student.

Nonetheless, I wonder if good work ethic alone can carry me through premed. I’m not naturally inclined to the sciences- physics is the bane of my existence. I tremble with fear when I think of organic chemistry. I didn’t take AP Bio in high school. Naturally, I am more of a humanities gal. I love writing and psychology. I am passionate about the performing arts- music, dance, theater. This makes me wonder– is medicine really the right fit profession for me?

From a young age, I’ve stated that I want to become a doctor. I want to follow in my father’s footsteps and make a positive, significant impact on the life of individuals. I love connecting with people. I have a passion for life and want to give people this precious gift. In my head, medicine has always been my calling.

I worry most that I won’t get into medical school. I don’t have a backup in terms of what I want to study. It’s always been premed. But that’s part of the beauty of being a college freshman– revelling in the freedom of exploration. Once I get to college and start my intellectual exploration, I will have more answers. It is RIGHT NOW- at the brink of a new chapter- where the mental anguish lies.



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