Hey everyone! It’s currently Friday, July 29th, 7:38 a.m. in Hong Kong. I am sitting in a gazebo-like thing by the hotel poolside, all by myself, the Victoria Harbor in full view.

Today is the third day of our month-long family trip to Hong Kong/China. So far, it’s been nothing short of amazing. Reuniting with relatives overseas, doing some mad shopping with my aunt, eating traditional Hong Kong breakfast, morning runs at Victoria Park, basking in the delight of pure relaxation.

I’ve noticed a few distinct changes in Hong Kong since the last time I was here, 3 years ago. First and foremost, there are a lot more non-Chinese people here, and I don’t mean this in any discriminatory way. It is a mere observation. Every street I walk on, there are bound to be at least a few Caucasian’s, a few Indians, and some Filipino’s. This makes sense, since, in our increasingly global society, people travel all over the world for work. Two days ago, I was riding down the hotel elevator, when a Caucasian man walked in. Assuming this man spoke English, I naturally struck up conversation, asking if he was from America. Turns out, he was an Australian native, coming to Hong Kong for work!

In addition to the growing number of Westerners in Hong Kong, I also noticed the  South Korean subculture that’s taking Hong Kong natives by storm. Nearly everyone in Hong Kong seems to be obsessed with K-pop, Korean drama, Korean fashion, Korean makeup, Korean hairstyles. It is Korean madness!

Thirdly- and this is a totally random observation- there are a lot more Starbucks café’s strewn along the busy narrow streets of this bustling, polluted city.

A final thing that struck me is the way Hong Kong-nese people interact with one another. Here, the people are a lot more standoffish. I played this game where I’d smile at everyone I made eye contact with on the street and gauge their reactions. Almost all the people looked me dead in the eye and kept their faces completely expressionless. They were probably thinking, Who the hell is this foreigner and why is she smiling at me?  Reminds me of New York city. Yesterday, I was at the cash register getting my new Nike shirt rung up by a lady, when I noticed that the cashier seemed stressed- probably because of the store’s 80% sale. In an effort to cheer her up, I complimented her nail design- french nails, except, instead of white, the tips were a thin streak of electric orange. The lady muttered something Chinese in reply, as if she were more irritated by my compliment than pleased. Oh well!!

I’m gonna go for a swim now! Later today, I’ll be getting my hair transformed. To what, I have yet to decide! Am thinking curly perm and dying it maroon… Pictures soon to come!





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