Summer 2016- Reflection pt. 1

As this summer is drawing to a close, I’d like to engage in some much-needed self-reflection on my thoughts/feelings about my summer before college!

Just to give you guys some context- My family and I are now in Hong Kong. Today is our last full day here on this beautiful island. Tomorrow night, we fly back to the states! I’m currently sitting right outside my hotel room, on the floor of the carpeted corridor. My grandma is playing with her “We-Chat” account (we miraculously taught her how to use it), and she’s super loud when she talks into the phone, haha. I need some peace and quiet during my introspective sessions!

So.. what are my initial thoughts on this summer?

I’m grateful I got to spend so much quality time with family and friends. During this monthlong China trip, I’ve had the opportunity to reunite with relatives overseas and spend time with those in my immediate circle. In truth, I feel that 4 weeks in China was a little bit lengthy for my taste. 2 weeks of vacation would have been the perfect duration for me. The past week or so has been brutal. The combination of pre-college anticipation and the hunger to get back home into my disciplined routine just created a cloud of stress and negativity in my mind. Don’t get me wrong- I appreciate my parents to the utmost degree for working hard to make this trip happen. Especially my dad, who fought to get this month off from work to spend time with us. It’s just my character… My workaholism… I can’t seem to be away from my work for an extended period of time! I need to be busy, growing myself somehow, or I feel lost… Has anyone else ever felt this way?

I wish I had spent more of this summer acquiring a new skill and continuing to grow, instead of relaxing so much. I wish I could have spent more time dancing. Studying Chinese/Russian. Getting prepared for general chemistry. Doing toastmasters. Reading books. Learning to cook. Shadowing doctors. Going camping. Creating a regimen of self-discipline. Incorporating meditation into my daily routine. Visiting places I’ve never been to. In reality, I accomplished very few of the goals I set for myself this summer, largely because we went on this massive vacation.

I know how I must sound to y’all right now… Complaining about vacation?! What kind of ungrateful swine complains about vacation- a vacation her parents worked so hard to plan? What a serious case of first-world problems, am I right?

Self-pep-talk time: I’ll try my hardest to enjoy this last day here in Hong Kong. Tomorrow we are flying back, and Wednesday I have a shift at Hollister. So, don’t fret Belicia, your schedule will soon fill up with work, college packing, dancing, studying, writing, you name it. And once college starts, you’d be WISHING you were back in Hong Kong, relaxing!












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