Fifteen Years Later- Remembering 9/11

On this day, fifteen years ago, nearly 3,000 souls were lost in the horrific terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. My heart goes out to the innocents who lost their lives in this unspeakable act of terror. My heart mourns with the families and friends of the deceased. My heart warms with gratitude towards the firemen, police officers, EMTs, and other brave souls who risked their lives to save others from the burning flames of evil. It is sad that fifteen years after this indelible tragedy, terrorism still plagues our great nation, manifesting its ugly heart in militant states like ISIS. The hate… the rampant evil… I always ask the same question– why? Whenever did violence and cold-blooded murder become the answer to ideological disparity? Well, I’m afraid there’s no answer to that question, for it’s been that way since the beginning of time… Intolerance for difference and diversity have plagued humankind since the very inception of man.

I am beyond grateful to have grown up in a community and time where diversity in all its forms have been, for the most part, embraced with open arms. But I am also aware that I live in a small bubble… for in most parts of the world,  difference is perceived as danger, which in turn fans the flames of violent fear.

I am alive today, and for that, I owe the utmost gratitude to my generous God. I will live each day for the individuals who cannot… individuals who were taken prematurely from this world, fifteen years ago… whose lives were cut short at the hands of radical extremists.

Here’s the sad thing, though– these terrorists are made of the same flesh and blood as you and me. Every human being on this Earth is made of the same matter. How we can allow mere ideological differences sever our greatest tie– that of humanity– is beyond me.

Rest in peace to all who died at the hands of insurmountable evil fifteen years ago. And here’s hoping that one day, we as a human species will learn to accept the diversity that gives this world its greatest color.

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