HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017/ Life Update 1-2-17

HAPPY NEW YEAR, my dear friends!!! Firstly, I want to apologize for not being able to properly conclude December’s “Blogmas”. I got sicker towards the remaining few days of December and didn’t feel well enough to write on either the 30th or 31st. My sick days pretty much consisted of sleeping and resting in bed while watching figure skating videos and listening to the soundtrack of Kill Bill. Nothing too exciting.

Thankfully, I’ve been back on my feet since yesterday, and my cough is nearly gone. Yesterday, I put on my dance heels for the first time in a long while and danced on the living room hardwood floor. I did the same thing again today. It felt absolutely amazing to just let go and dance for enjoyment. I didn’t realize how much I missed dancing until I restarted after a hiatus. I’m determined to never let dancing fade from my life, no matter how hard it gets with college academics. I’ll make it happen, guys.

Today, my family and I had one last movie night together. We watched Arrival starring Amy Adams. It was a phenomenal movie. One of those mind-twister plots that leave you feeling stunned, confused, unsatiated and awestruck. It’s a film that gets better and better the more you think about it and make sense of its meaning and the depth of its characters. It takes sci-fi to a whole new level, as it has this great emotional appeal that many other science fiction films lack. Would definitely recommend this movie to everyone.

Tomorrow, my brother Chris is flying back to University of Michigan for his second semester of college. Because our spring breaks don’t overlap, I won’t see Chris until June, when Austin and I finish our spring quarters! It’s crazy to think that I won’t see my brother for nearly half a year. That’s by far the longest time we’ve been physically separated, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sad to see him go. His flight is at 6 a.m., so he’ll be out of the house by around 4:30 a.m. I’m really grateful for the time we spent together as a family this winter break, though. My dad took the second half of December off from work so we could eat out and watch movies and explore San Francisco and go to holiday parties together. These moments of togetherness are only going to get rarer as my brothers and I grow older and move onward with our individual journeys, so I will definitely cherish them while they last.

Earlier this evening, before Chris went to bed, Austin, Chris, my dad and I played the card game “Duces”. Chris and I were complete newbies at the game, while Austin and Dad had more experience. Dad crushed us during the first three rounds, but during the final round, I actually won, to everyone’s surprise!

Man, as I am writing this, I’m just feeling nostalgic for all the memories my family and I shared this break. It’s really been a special holiday season. We didn’t go anyplace fancy, but the important thing is, we spent time together.

Austin and I leave for LA on Friday the 6th, so our winter break is drawing to its close as well. This break was by far the most relaxed I have allowed myself to be in my entire life. Sleeping in till noon, spending my days reading, watching movies, going to the gym, eating out… I brought home my chemistry textbooks with hopes of doing some getting ahead studying, but that clearly did not happen. And you know what? I’m okay with that. I am now completely recovered from my first quarter of college and am ready to take on the coming quarter!

It’s hard to find time to do write in college, but I’m determined to carve out one hour each week for reflective writing. College is such a formative period of life, and I’m afraid that if I blink, and it’ll all be over too soon. I want to document my four years at UCLA so I can look back upon these memories in future years. My Friday schedule is pretty light, so I may upload weekly reflections every Friday afternoon, give-or-take.

I’m determined to nail down time management this coming quarter. That means studying ONLY at the library where I will be super efficient and 100% focused while studying. Starting week 1, I will come up with a schedule that works best for me, and stick with it until it becomes habitual. I will take better care of my health and make sure to get a decent amount of sleep each night, if possible. I will make healthier food choices and avoid binge-eating on sweets and heavy carbs during midterms/finals. I’m feeling positive that this coming quarter will be better than the last, largely because I have more experience as a college student now. I am, admittedly, nervous about next quarter’s course load, since I’ll be taking 4 classes instead of 3, and the content of these classes are a bit more difficult than last quarter’s. But no matter. Everything will turn out fine. It always does.

Alrighty guys, I’m going to hit the hay pretty soon. Trying to get my sleep schedule back on track before classes start next week. I wish you all good health, success, and happiness during this new year. May 2017 be a better year than its predecessor.





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