UCLA Spring Sing 2017– A Magical Night

Last night, I was graced with the mesmerizing talent and soul-touching performances of UCLA students at the university’s annual Spring Sing! Essentially like a large-scale talent show featuring off-the-charts artistic talent and celebrity guest judges, Spring Sing was definitely one of the highlights of my brief time here at UCLA.

Thousands of UCLA students gathered last night at 8pm in Pauley Pavillion to witness the production, featuring solo singers, bands, acapella groups, rappers, dance companies, theater troupes and the all-too-funny comedic hosts of the show, “the Company”.

To say I felt in my element last night at Spring Sing is an understatement. My cheeks hurt from continuously smiling throughout the night. Watching the performers made me long to be on that very stage, basking in the strobe-lights amidst the sounds of applause from the cheering crowd of thousands, and most importantly, touching the souls of others through creative expression.

This year’s panel of celebrity guest judges featured Jason Earle, aka “Jackson”, from Hannah Montana; “Meredith Blake”, the evil stepmother, from the 1998 adaptation of The Parent Trap; Perez Hilton, the viral blogger; “Matt Mcguire”, aka Lizzie Mcguire’s little bro; and musician Ziggy Marley, one of Bob Marley’s sons. I was totally starstruck when the celebrities were introduced, shouting at the top of my lungs and laughing in sheer excitement.

And the talent… my goodness gracious. Words can’t begin to describe how blown away I was by every performance. The caliber of artistic talent was unbelievable. I couldn’t believe I was watching fellow UCLA students perform– they may as well have been professional musicians / dance troupes! Everyone was that good. It just comes to show that UCLA Bruins are not only intellectually-driven, but also artistically gifted. Fun fact: famous singer, Sara Bareilles was a UCLA student who won Spring Sing in 2000. Look at her now!!!

From what I’d heard of past Spring Sings, I was expecting a lot, but I was still effectively awestruck at the professionalism, flashiness and flow of the production, which, to my knowledge, is completely student-run!

The comedic sketches put on by “the Company” in between performances were all so hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing!

One performer, Stephan Dismond, was a rapper who actually went to my middle and high school! I remember how he’d perform at almost all the high school assemblies. Now a third-year student at UCLA, Stephan’s music career is blossoming!

The dancing was amazing. There were hip-hop dance crews, an Indian Dance team and an exhibition dance company called “Inter Sanctum”, which created a Cirque Du Solei – like production. All were impressive in their own rights. I imagined that a Latin/Ballroom dance couple would have added a diverse flavor to the mix of predominantly hip-hop performances.

The singers were all so, so talented. I don’t know how the judges managed to determine the winner– a duet called “Ella B. Ross”.

Spring Sing ended at around 11:30pm. A friend I had met there, Angela, and I headed to De Neve dining hall to grab some late night munchies. After a heated discussion about the performances of the night, the two of us headed to a residential hall, Sproul Landing floor 8, which is the performing arts living-learning community. All the residents on that floor are performing artists of some sort, be it music, dance, or theater. So inspired I was by Spring Sing that, upon returning to my own dorm, I went straight to the music room to play piano and practice my (still-poor) singing skills.

Needless to say, all the talent featured in last night’s show are going places.

I am so grateful I decided to go to Spring Sing this year. It was truly a wonderful way to end my time here at UCLA. Even if I’m no longer a student here next year, I’m definitely coming to all future Spring Sings. Perhaps I may perform in it too, one day!


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