“A Day in the Life of Bel”, Day 5: Bliss

Good morning, friends of the Blogosphere! Welcome to day 5. It is almost 9:30am as I sit on my bed, aloe face mask plastered to my skin, beginning today’s post.

I woke up at 6:00am and finished watching “Heathers” on Netflix, which took me to about 7:45am. Headed downstairs and ate a bowl of cherries and peanut butter toast on whole wheat bread. I really don’t think starting my day off with electronic devices is a good idea… I’ve been meaning to get into a morning meditation habit; go outside in my backyard, sit on my yoga mat and meditate for 10-20 minutes before starting the day. I’ll start that tomorrow, and tell you guys all about it!

After breakfast, I went back upstairs and finished YESTERDAY’S post (day 4). Man, I really need to start uploading these posts on time! It’s just that I’ve been so exhausted lately from… yeah, I know, I’m making excuses. From here on out, I will be more vigilant about finishing my daily entries on time.

From 9:00am-9:30am, I gave myself a little skincare pampering– nose strip, face mask, the works! And now, here I am, typing away… I should probably get this face mask off soon. Let’s see what adventures today will bring!

The remainder of my morning was spent lazily idling time away. I read some NY Times articles, continued with “Wuthering Heights”, dove into Facebook and Instagram, and scheduled the rest of my week. I don’t know if y’all can relate to this, but when I’m not busy, I habitually plan ahead for the future, putting events in Google Calendar, instead of basking in the present moment. Even when I am not busy, I try to busy myself with something… anything. The skill of mindfulness and leisure is one I lack greatly in, and I believe my meditation practice will help me greatly in this area.

At around noonish, I drove to the local health/fitness center, where I was recently hired as a childcare associate for the daycare center– basically, a babysitter. I took this job mainly because it pays well, but I also find the infants and toddlers SUPER adorable. While there, I spoke to an associate about my paperwork and all the bureaucratic red tape crap you need to go through to start working. Thankfully, the consultation took no longer than ten minutes; I didn’t do the actual drug screening/fingerprinting at Bay Club (I have to go to South City, SF, to do all that jazz).

As I had resolved that today would be dedicated solely to relaxing and enjoying life after several days of intense dance training, I took to the gym’s basketball court, where, in my black jeans and flip flops, I shot some baskets in the near-empty court. I don’t remember when the last time I played basketball was– a couple years ago, at least. I remember coming to this very basketball court in my rhythmic gymnastics days to practice my apparatus tosses. The thing with rhythmic is, you need to practice in a facility with a high ceiling, because your routines may have some mastery elements requiring you to throw the apparatus high in the air. I’d be at the basketball court till 10pm at night, just drilling tosses, and I’d come home bruised from rolling around on the hard basketball floor.

Anyway, after shooting some hoops, I went outside to the gym’s outdoor sitting area, where I read an article written by a rising sophomore at Northwestern University. She wrote about her longtime struggle with an eating disorder and how her experience shaped her thoughts on the Netflix movie, “To the Bone”, starring Lily Collins. The movie follows a 20-year-old woman, Ellen (Collins), who suffers from anorexia. After being kicked out of four different treatment programs for bad behavior, Ellen’s dysfunctional family sends her to a psychiatrist with unconventional treatment methodologies. She is admitted into a home, where other people suffering from eating disorders reside. I have yet to finish the movie, but I was hooked from the minute the film opened to two rail-thin women walking side-by-side, down a brightly-lit hospital ward. I am grateful to have never suffered from a full-on eating disorder, but I do know what it is like to resent your body and want to change it through extreme dieting and exercising. This movie pulls back the curtain on one individual’s experience of overcoming a crippling mental illness. I am excited to finish the movie later, when I get the chance to.

Sitting outside of Bay Club, I couldn’t help but revel in the beauty of the day. It was not blistering hot, like the day before. The sun was smiling brightly, a gently breeze caressed my skin, and, in that moment, all was serene and beautiful. I read for a little bit, then called my mother to pick me up.

At home, my mom prepared lunch, while I began watching “To the Bone”. Lunch consisted of: vermicelli noodles with chicken curry, made from scratch by my talented brother, Chris; steaming hot purple yam; and sweet red-yellow cherries. I wolfed down the meal, probably starving from the past few days of limited caloric intake. After lunch, I continued watching “To the Bone” until 3:00pm, when my dad and brother announced that it was time to go to the movie theaters. We had planned on watching the new Spiderman movie as a whole family– me, my parents, two brothers, two cousins and aunt– but Chris and mom bailed at the last minute, as Chris had to practice piano. He is leaving on the 19th for a music festival in Italy. So dad, Austin and I drove to my grandmother’s apartment, where my cousins and aunt were staying. We picked them up and headed to the theaters. My cousins, who are from China, were very excited to watch Spiderman. Apparently, Western superhero movies are very popular in China.

At the concessions stand, I asked my cousins and aunt if they wanted to get movie snacks, and of course they wanted to. We ordered a large tub of popcorn, no butter, and a pack of three white chocolate macadamia cookies. I was under the impression that they’d pay for the snacks themselves, or that we’d split the cost. I guess I assumed wrong, as I ended up paying the whole $11 for the snacks, which was cool. I guess it is proper etiquette for me, the hostess, to treat them, my guests.

We watched the 2 hour and 13 minutes movie. I won’t spoil it, but I will say that I was very pleased with what I saw. The film was laced with just the right amount of action and comedic relief, especially from Peter Parker’s chubby, good-natured, nerdy yet dim-witted best friend, Ned. I would have liked for more romantic development between Peter and his love-interest, a girl whose name begins with an “L” (man, I am horrible with names), but that’s just my inner romantic speaking.

After the movie, we headed to a Chinese restaurant in Millbrae, where we met up with my mom, Chris, and my grandmother. The meal was great. We had noodles, fried rice, vegetables, cold beef– the usual Chinese cuisine.

Upon getting home, we said goodbye to our relatives, who will be going back to Sacramento tomorrow. I was quite tired after fun-filled day. I think I’m still recovering from jet lag– it usually takes me over a week to get back to my normal circadian rhythm. My dad called the jury duty people to see if I was needed the following day. To my great dismay, I was. As I had to wake up early for jury duty the next day, I called it a day and headed to bed. Otherwise, I would have stayed up later to finish this blog!



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