Blogmas Day 6: Busy Bee-licia

Hey guys! It’s 8:08am as I begin today’s Blogmas. I’ve just returned from the gym, where I completed my morning swim, took a shower, and worked on editing my first book. What a productive morning it has been! I’m so proud of myself for actually getting out of bed at 6:00am. The first day is always the hardest. Waking up early will get easier from here on out!

The plan for today is as follows:

9:30am– haircut

2:30pm– dental appointment

3:30pm-7:00pm– write, read, apply to internships

7:00pm– dinner

7:45pm-9:00pm– dance

10:00pm– sleep

Looks like a full, productive day ahead. Looking forward to telling you guys about it!

Hey guys! It’s currently 10:12pm as I conclude today’s entry. Today was, in fact,  very productive. I got my haircut, and had the hairdresser, Helen, style it in an asymmetric fashion, with one side cut short and the other side long– absolutely lovin’ the new look!

Following the hair appointment, my mother and I joined Chris, my dad, and my cousin at Seapot for a hotpot lunch, where I stuffed myself silly.

After lunch, Chris and I headed straight to the dental office, where Chris got his teeth cleaned and I got my small cavity filled in. By then, I was well on my way to a food coma, so I took a two-hour nap upon coming home. That was probably the sleep deficit talking, from waking up at 6:00am. Lesson learned– if I am to wake up early, I must also sleep early.

After my nap, I drove myself to the dance studio, where I practiced for a couple hours. On my way to the studio, I missed a right turn, and thus had to take a circuitous route to the studio. I’m proud of myself for figuring it out on my own, though, instead of relying on a GPS! Practice was nice– definitely helped being surrounded by other dancers on the floor– makes the practice environment less lonely and more vibrant.

After dance, I drove to the local gym, where I sat in the hot tub and took a shower. I then returned home, where dinner was a-cookin’. To pass time before dinner was served, I worked on editing my book, and read some of The Stranger. Tonight was definitely one of my cheat days, as far as food is concerned. I splurged on Ghirardelli chocolate squares and sesame-rice balls. Surprisingly, I’m not feeling too guilty… I just know I’ll have to work harder during my workout tomorrow, to burn those calories!

It’s actually my turn to do the dishes tonight, so I’ll be right back. Ugh. I hate taking a break from writing, especially when I’m feeling the flow… but my chores await.

Alright guys, I’m back! It’s 10:45pm, which means I should be headed to bed soon, if I wanna wake up early again for a workout.

Tonight, I was told by a mentor of mine that I could become a successful professional writer, if I persist. Such words gave me hope, as writing is truly my passion, and being able to do it for a living would be a dream come true. I’m wondering if I should, in fact, pursue a double major in psychology and english…

Alrighty, friends. Gonna end today’s Blogmas here. Looking forward to tomorrow– a family day in SF! Man, does it feel good to not have depression suck the light out of life…


OMG GUYS! I just checked my final grade… I ended up with an A- in my LS 15 class as well. How am I feeling right now? Honestly, just relieved I didn’t end with a B+ (which isn’t a bad grade, by the way…). I didn’t do so hot on my final exam. At least I scored above the average. Ahhh, screw grades… I tried my best, in spite of everything. At the height of my depression, I was literally sleeping in class, or completely checked out. So I am PROUD of myself for ending with an A-… even though I thought the final was the easiest thing in the world, and ended up being one of the first in the class to finish… Moral of the story: no matter how confident you are, ALWAYS double check your answers, and don’t rush to finish the exam.

Finals grades for fall quarter 2017:

Russian 1: PASS

Psych 100A: A-

LS 15: A-

I am going to sleep happy tonight.





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