Blogmas Day 7: Family Day in SF

Hey guys! Welcome to Blogmas Day 7!

It’s currently Saturday morning at 12:22am as I start this post. Totally my fault for procrastinating– I was busy watching The Notebook, a classic romance movie fitting for hopeless romantics like myself. In all honesty, I think the movie is overrated… but that’s just one girl’s opinion.

Man, today’s post is not flowing… I think it may be the exhaustion talking. This whole day, I’ve been yawning nonstop. Not quite sure why. Last night, I had trouble falling asleep, after finding out that I’d gotten an A- in my biology class. I know I concluded yesterday’s post with, “I am going to sleep happy tonight,” but in reality, I felt the biting sting of disappointment at not having gotten an A in what many consider to be a relatively easy class.

So instead of waking up at 6:00am, like I had planned, I woke up at 11:30am instead. Unable to turn back time, I rolled out of bed and went about my day as I originally had planned. I drove to the gym and did my cardio of the day– swimming. Returned home at around 1:30pm, then had lunch of spaghetti and meatballs. Did some reading and writing, listened to the Lion King soundtrack, and made a couple YouTube videos. At around 2:45pm, my family (aside from grandma) and I headed to San Francisco to “feel the holiday spirit”, as my mother likes to put it.

The bitter wind of the city cut through my red bubble-jacket like knives to my goose-pimpled skin. The whole “stroll” through Fisherman’s Wharf (more of a war against the wind, if you ask me), was an ordeal. Nevertheless, my family and I did get in some good pictures in front of the Christmas tree. Dad bought me and my cousin some mini Mrs. Field’s cookies– $9 for 12 little cookie bites. I know, everything is overpriced on the Wharf.

We saw a flock of seagulls screaming at the top of their lungs, probably telling each other to get the f*** out of the cold. There were sea lions lying on the harbor, also barking madly at one another.

After enduring the harsh winds of the Bay for what seemed like forever, my family and I piled up into the van once more and headed to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. Dinner was absolutely delectable. For starters, we had marinated peanuts, hot soup, and a  platter of Chinese-style BBQ pork, jellyfish tentacles over picked radish and carrots, seaweed, and thinly-sliced beef loin. The main dishes were comprised of “8-ingredients” fried rice, tofu with veggies, spinach, and sweet and sour pork sautéed with pineapples and bell peppers. Dessert was the traditional bowl of hot tapioca, green bean and taro paste. I was stuffed by the end of dinner and could barely make my way down the restaurant steps and to the car!

We arrived home at around 9:30pm. I changed out of my day clothes and into my PJs, then curled up under my covers and watched The Notebook. It felt nice to just relax and splurge on some cuffing-season classics. This whole holiday season thing has gotten me so obsessed with finding a boyfriend with whom I can do all the cute couple activities that characterize these winter months. Go ice skating hand-in-hand, under the shimmering stars of the night sky. Snuggle together under a warm throw blanket, in front of the crackling fireplace, whilst sipping hot peppermint cocoa with marshmallows and watching rom-coms and holiday movies. Things like that.

I’m almost 20 years old, my hormones are raging, and I want someone to share special moments with, like those aforementioned.

But then again… I also love spending my Friday nights alone, seated in front of my laptop, inside my warmly-lit bedroom, a mug of hot tea with lemon and honey steaming be my side, and having the opportunity to share my story with you all.

I will end tonight’s Blogmas here. Until tomorrow, then.








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