Blogmas Day 9: Merry Christmas Eve!

Hi everyone! Merry Christmas Eve to you all. I hope you all are enjoying some quality time with loved ones whilst stuffing your tummies with delectable delights!

Today was a pretty ordinary day. I woke up at 11:00am after a very long day yesterday. Shortly after awakening, my dad, brothers and I headed to Costco, where Austin and Chris got their passport pictures taken, while I bought a chicken bake for lunch. I love Costco food, it’s so affordable– the chicken bake, which was nearly a foot long, cost only $3.25!

After our Costco run, my dad dropped me off at the Nazareth Ice Oasis ice rink, where I met up with my friend Louise for an afternoon of ice skating. Louise and I haven’t seen each other for one year– she studies bioengineering and cognitive science at UC Santa Cruz– so our reunion was a long-awaited one.

I told you guys that I’ve always wanted to learn how to figure skate. Today, Louise, who was a figure skater in her youth, taught me how to do a “cross-over” and a “lunge”. My favorite part of the day was skating with these two little girls, Anna and Zlada, who were INCREDIBLE skaters! They enjoyed showing off their insanely cool skating moves to me and Louise, and I tried to imitate them, but kept on falling down! Zlada spoke Russian, so I got to show off my very limited Russian vocabulary to her. I said “Hello”, “How are you”, and “Good Job” when she showed me one of her skating elements. Little did I know that, upon hearing me speak some broken Russian, she’d start speaking full-on Russian to me, to which I had no idea how to respond!

Louise and I skated for a couple hour, with me holding her hand most of the time. I think ice skating would make for a great first date, as it immediately breaks the “handholding” ice (hah, pun intended).

I returned home to a house full of guests– Dr. Wang and her husband, and Uncle Qi. They all came over to share the Christmas festivities with our family! Laid out on the extended dinner table were sliced turkey, roasted duck, salad, Vietnamese style noodles, thin-sliced potato wedges, and string beans. For dessert, we had a fruit platter of purple grapes, bananas and persimmons. What a Christmas Eve feast it was! Props to my mother for getting this meal ready– it was a full-day’s work, but oh-so worth it in the end.

After dinner, I was overcome with a wave of exhaustion. Probably the food coma talking, along with the residual exhaustion of yesterday’s overexertion. I took a nap until 9:00pm. When I woke up, I headed downstairs, where the adults were chatting away. Dr. Wang, a Chinese medicine doctor, felt my pulse, and concluded that I need to sleep earlier and stay away from spicy foods. I am sometimes skeptical of the validity of Eastern medicine, as I find it dubious how one can reach medical conclusions simply by feeling the pulse or examining the color of the tongue. Smells a little bit like quackery, if you ask me…

I then returned upstairs, where I edited some high school seniors’ college essays and began today’s Blogmas. The remainder of the night will be spent writing last-minute Christmas letters, editing my book, and finishing reading “The Stranger”.

I’ll now conclude today’s post with wishing you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS / HAPPY HANUKKAH / JOYOUS HOLIDAYS!






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