Blogmas Day 10: One More Christmas Down!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all who celebrate!!! I wish you all a day of joyous cheer and precious time spent with loved ones. Enjoy the gift of giving, the good food, and the celebration of love and union.

I woke up at 11:00am after sleeping at around 2am. I suppose it wasn’t the best idea to spontaneously decide to practice dance in my living room at midnight. I didn’t see Santa Claus this year, but I suppose I missed him. He’s a busy guy, so he must’ve made it to our house after I’d fallen asleep.

We opened present at around 1:00pm. For my parents, my brothers and I chipped in to give each of them these cool hydroflask water bottles. My dad could bring it to work, instead of drinking bottled water, while my mother could use hers during her long nature walks. I got Austin the basketball he wanted– unfortunately, even with express delivery, the basketball did not arrive in time for Christmas. So I showed Austin the Amazon receipt as proof that I’d indeed gotten him a present. For Chris, I got… oh wait. I didn’t get Chris anything. I know, I am a terrible sister. I am actually still brainstorming ideas for what to get him; once I decide, I will get him a “belated” Christmas present. Thankfully, Chris is not one to care much for material items, so he didn’t even comment on my not getting him anything. As for myself, I received this really cute workout outfit from my Uncle Richard and Auntie Ruth– black leggings, a mesh tank and white crop top. My grandmother gave each of her children red envelopes filled with money. It’s a Chinese tradition to hand out red envelopes during holidays. The envelopes are supposed to symbolize good fortune. My mother is not really one to give her children presents on Christmas day. Rather, she buys us things throughout the year, and calls each item our “Christmas present”. So I suppose you could say that we received a boatload of presents from Mom, just spread out throughout the course of 12 months, instead of on a single day. Lol.

My favorite part of the present-opening ritual is what happened when my grandmother opened the present Austin had given her. It was a contraption that helped you put on socks! You slide the sock onto the plastic “foot”, insert your foot inside, then pull the sock on using the two ropes attached to the device. Austin had seen my grandmother struggling to put on her socks one morning, and thoughtfully decided to make the process easier by getting her this device. When grandma tried it out, she was laughing so hard, while we all laughed along at the interesting spectacle.

After present-opening, I put on my new workout clothes and went out for a run. I made had to take multiple breaks along the way, but hey– doing SOMETHING is better than doing nothing. I may be out of shape, but going out on a run today is the first (most difficult) step towards reaching my goal of regaining my figure. What’s that quote?

“Just showing up is half the battle.”

-Woody Allen

After running, I came back home and had lunch. I then headed upstairs to my room, where I did some writing– worked on today’s post, edited my book, wrote in my private diary.

My parents and I then headed out for a long nature stroll. The walk was peaceful– no fights about life decisions arose, thankfully.

After the walk, I returned to my room and did some more writing. You see, guys, my dream is to become a professional writer one day. Now is the time when I must train, through consistent writing and reading. I plan on tacking on an English major, so I can further perfect my craft.

At around 6:30pm, my family and I headed out to Moonstar Buffet for a Christmas dinner. There, I stuffed myself silly, and definitely splurged on my fair share of fat and sugar. Don’t worry, though– today is my last cheat day. Starting tomorrow, I’m cutting back on the sweets and carbs and fatty foods, and will restart my swimming and dancing regimen.

After dinner, we returned home, where I worked on editing high school seniors’ college essays. I’ve just finished my work. Now, I’m wrapping up today’s Blogmas. It’s been a productive, joyous Christmas, indeed. Feeling very grateful for family.

Much love to you all.









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