I Auditioned for a Hip-Hop Team!!!

Hello everyone! It is nearing the end of week one of winter quarter 2018. Here are a couple updates on what’s been going on:

  1. Lighter courseload. What was supposed to be the quarter from hell (over 20 units) turned into the quarter from heaven, when I made the decision to drop two of my classes– Chinese and English, to make more time for my dancing, as well as my newfound hobby of figure skating. Some may question this tactical maneuver of mine, especially since my goal is to graduate early… but with summer classes, I still will be on track to graduate in three years, with a psychology degree. The best part is? I get to keep up my passions for dancing (and now skating) outside of school, whilst studying a topic that greatly interests me! It is a win-win for all.
  2. The remaining three classes I’m taking are: developmental psychology, intimate relationships and abnormal psychology. All upper-division classes, all very interesting. So far, lectures have been very straightforward, workload has been light, professors knowledgable and engaging in lecture.
  3. Moving on to the meat of today’s post: last night, I auditioned for Foundations Choreography, UCLA’s non-competitive, beginner-friendly hip-hop team! Auditioning was such a fun experience. For one, I got to do it with my best friends. Secondly, I was pushed out of my comfort zone by learning a style of dance vastly different from Latin Ballroom. Essentially, we were taught the audition piece by the choreographer (also a UCLA student), and, in small groups, performed the piece in front of the directors. My group of five was the last group to go that night. By the time we reached the audition stage, all of us had forgotten the choreography– which was to be expected. See, the cool thing about Foundations is, it doesn’t recruit based on skill level. Recruitment operates purely on a first-come-first serve basis. The first 200 people to submit their online application to Foundations are guaranteed a spot. Anyone else is automatically put on a waitlist. Unfortunately, I fall into the latter group of people, as I didn’t submit my application until the day before auditions; but no matter. Back to the story– so we braved the stage with blank minds and pounding hearts. The director asked us to say our names and audition numbers. We were to perform the piece two times– once in the back row, and once in the front. I started as one of the people in the back. Before I knew it, the music started playing, and I found myself gyrating my hips and pulling sexy faces, in an attempt to seduce the directors with my sensual Latin dance moves! Basically, the audition was a trainwreck; no one in my group remembered the choreo, so we had to improv. Thankfully, due to my prior dance training, this was no problem for me. At the start of the second run-through, my improv took on a whole new level– I shimmied my way over to my friend Tatt, who was dancing right next to me, and we danced on each other promiscuously, shocking all the directors, whose jaws “literally dropped”, as my other friend later recounted. Another of my friends, who was one of the directors, later said that I was the only one of all the 100+ auditioners trying to seduce the directors. That’s to be expected, I suppose. So yes, the audition was a trainwreck. I forgot all the choreography we were supposed to dance. But did I have fun? Yes. Did I manage to make a statement, make myself known? I would hope so! Even if I don’t land a spot on Foundations this quarter, I’m so happy I put myself out there and auditioned. And I’m even prouder of my best friend, who went into this with ZERO dance background, and still killed it!

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