Spring Break Excitement!

Hi friends! TGIF! It’s 1:15pm as I sit here in Kerckhoff Coffeehouse. I have a final at 3:30pm and am doing some last-minute brush-up studying. I’m taking a quick study break by writing this post!

Generally, I feel confident about this developmental psychology final. I studied consistently several days in advance and am very familiar with the material. I just wish I could take the final already, so I can be done with it, and commence my spring break!

I really lucked out this quarter. All my psych classes had their finals during Week 10, so I basically have nothing to do during the actual finals week– which means, two week spring break!!!

I’m not going home this break. History has proven that when I’m home for too long, I am likely to become very depressed. I need to keep busy and be surrounded with friends. I love my family, but I sometimes feel as if college has paved a divide in our relationship. I associate my family with innocence, something that I’ve lost since coming to college, and will never get back. It wasn’t until I came to UCLA that I realized how truly sheltered I was at home. I’ve since seen the other side of the rainbow, and part of me does not want to look back on my previous sheltered life. When I’m with my family, I feel an immense amount of guilt. Guilt associated with some of the things I’ve done while away from home, freed from the watchful eyes of my conservative, Mormon parents. This is why I don’t want to go home this break. It hurts too much.

Instead, I plan on spending break with friends. We already have a bucket list of activities planned:

  • eat KBBQ in Koreatown and sing karaoke
  • go to Six Flags
  • road trip to San Diego??

I also plan on getting back into my dancing groove. I haven’t danced in a good month because of school… it is time to start up once more. I’ve really missed being in the studio, hard at work, perfecting my craft. Dance is inextricably tied to my identity, and to stop dancing is to lose a big part of my soul.

Alrighty, friends… it is time for me to start studying once more. Studying is no fun, and to be quite honest, I feel burnt out already, and I’m only a second-year. But I must push onward. Perhaps change my attitude to a more positive one, so studying is no longer such a chore.




Talk to you soon,



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