Post-Finals Depression– WHY OH WHY?!

Well guys, it’s that time around again… the post-finals depression is hitting me. A little ironic– you’d think that I’d be ecstatic that finals are finally over (pun intended). And don’t get me wrong– I was. Initially. But that euphoria passed quickly, only to be replaced with a hollow feeling and questioning of what to do next with my life.

This has always been the case with me. After every major life event that I’d spent countless hours prepping for and putting my everything into– be it college applications, AP exams, finals, or a big dance competition–  I’d fall into a pit of depression, not knowing what to do next, without a concrete goal to give my life direction. Of course, there remains SO much in life I want to accomplish… I just don’t know where to start, though, and I feel a bit overwhelmed.

Perhaps I need a day or two to relax after a hard-fought battle. Destress and recover from a difficult round of finals. And then I can get back on track with my goals– dance more, write daily, pick up meditation and yoga, read a book. I shouldn’t overthink things… I must learn to enjoy and cherish each moment I’m alive.

Everything will be fine in the end, I know it. I just need to chill, treat myself kindly, rest and recover from this rough quarter, turn over a new page and start anew. The depression will pass. My good friend referred me to a therapist in Los Angeles, whom I will call to set up an appointment. She runs a private practice, so my parents would have to pay out of pocket for me to receive treatment… but if this therapist is good, I think it is worth the cost.

Alrighty friends, it’s time for me to go. Talk to y’all soon!






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