First Day of Spring Break 2018!

Hi friends! It’s currently 7:21pm, and I just woke up from a very peaceful nap. How are y’all? I know most of my friends are still prepping for finals, so I wish all of you guys the best of luck. The ordeal will be over soon enough!

It’s strange being the single individual amidst my peers to have finished finals before finals week even began. I finally get a chance to take a step back and take a look at what student life entails, from a third-person perspective. What are my thoughts?

I truly marvel at how hard everyone works at UCLA, and how much this school and its heinous grading curve pushes its students to push themselves. Heck, I AM one of those students; when its crunch time, I put the pedal to the medal and am able to laser-focus my way to an A. As un-fun studying may be for me, I eventually am able to lose myself in the class material and get things done.

It’s easy to look in retrospect and think, how the heck did I manage all of that studying? At least, that’s what I’m saying to myself, in this lazy couch-potato moment. I suppose the explanation lies in the fact that behaviors are largely shaped by the context you are in. When it’s finals week and everyone around you is studying like crazy, you will be unconsciously swayed to match your environment and study hard as well. Of course, there’s the fear of failure that drives many students to work hard at their studies. A select special few are driven to study by an internal desire to learn; I applaud these people, as I certainly am not amongst them.

So here I am, sitting in my bed, listening to Halsey while typing out this post. It’ll be a few more days until I can party with my peers, as none of them have finished finals yet! Until then, I am occupying myself with more constructive activities– dance, writing, cleaning, napping. Yes, I’m serious about the last one. Your girl’s been sleep deprived for nearly ten weeks; it’s high time I recover before the next quarter hits me like a train.

I am determined to not get depressed this break. I will set small goals for myself each day, instead of letting each day wistfully pass me by. I will also try my best to appreciate each moment I have away from the books. Take it in, revel in it, soak it all in. It’ll be a good time, I know it.

In other news, I currently have a date to get ready for! We’re gonna get to know each other over ice cream. So innocent and fun! I will talk to you guys very soon.







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