Spring Break Day 3: RELAXATION

Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog!

Today is the third day of spring break. So far, I’ve been relaxing and recuperating after a long week of finals.

At 12:00pm, I headed to Westwood to get my nails done! I figured, since it’s spring break, I may as well pamper myself. I got black-painted acrylic nails, save for my left and right ring fingers, which were painted sparkly gold.

After getting my nails done, I headed back to my apartment for lunch. After lunch, the food coma kicked in, and I took a two-hour nap. When I awoke, I decided to read the book, “7 Habits of Highly Successful People”. I’m hoping to finish that book by the end of spring break!

After my nap, I cleaned my room, living room, and kitchen. I also made a new YouTube video about growing up as a triplet. Check it out here!

At around 6pm, I walked to In-N-Out Burger for a wonderfully healthy meal of hamburger and french fries. Hello, dancer’s bod!

After dinner, I headed back to my apartment, where I chilled with friends and engaged in light-hearted conversation. At 8pm, I headed to my other friends’ apartment, where, in celebration of the end of finals, we broke open a bottle of Rosé and sipped it out of martini cups.

Later that night, I walked back to my apartment and took to bed.

What a relaxing day it was! Nothing too exciting happened, but sometimes, that’s just the way I like it– nice and simple, drama-free, content.


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