Spring Break Day 5: Done With Finals!!!

Hi guys! Welcome to day 5 of my spring break! It is almost 4pm as I crunch out this post.

I took my last final exam this morning. It was for my abnormal psychology class. The interesting thing about this final is that it is optional. If the score you get is higher than the lowest grade of one of your exams, then the former grade will replace the latter grade. If the grade you earn on the final exam is LOWER than the final grade, then it will not affect anything. In other words, the final can only help your grade, not jeopardize it.

I thought the final was pretty easy, to be honest! The truth is, I didn’t study as much as I should have– mostly because I wasn’t planning on taking this final in the first place! When I decided, the day before, that I wanted to take the exam, I should have crammed like crazy. Instead, I spent the day out with my girlfriend, Ekayana, exploring Los Angeles and stuffing our faces with IHOP pancakes. On the day of the final (this morning), I studied for a good 1 hour before tackling the test. Turns out, all the information I needed was up in my head, already! I finished in about 30 minutes, though we had a full three hours for the exam.

After the test, I felt immensely accomplished. I called my dad, even, to brag about it! I’m so glad I decided to take the exam at the last minute. I could have just told myself, “Screw it, I’ll live with the A-.” But I know that’s not my kind of attitude. If there’s even the slightest chance I can improve my grade, I’ll jump at it. If I didn’t take the exam, I would deprive myself of any hope of getting an A in the class. Now, if I did take the exam and scored below my lowest exam grade, at least I can say that I tried my best and left no stone unturned. And so, I took the final exam, and am hopeful that I will be able to bump my grade up to an A!

I had left my Beats headphones at my friend Milton’s place the previous day, so after exiting the exam room, I walked through the pouring rain to Milton’s apartment. By the time I got there, 80% of my gray sweatpants were soaked, despite my efforts to shield out the rain with my rainbow umbrella. I blew-dry my sopping pants, and crashed on the couch while waiting for the rain to quiet down.

At around 1:45pm, I left the apartment to grab lunch with my friend, Jung. We talked about boys, boys, and more boys, over pho noodles and deep-fried shrimp chips.

After lunch, I headed to Jung’s dorm lounge for a bit, where we shared yet another conversation about boys.

Afterwards, I headed back to my own apartment, where I quickly took off my drenched clothing, and replaced them with warm and dry ones.

At around dinnertime, I walked over to In-N-Out with a couple friends, where we got burgers and fries. Cheat day everyday!!!

After dinner, we watched the horror movie “Veronica”, which actually is in Spanish! Thankfully, all of us are literate and know how to read English subtitles. That would really suck if we couldn’t, lol.

After the movie ended, my friends left the apartment, leaving me alone to muse about my life and its wavering direction.

And so, concluded my wonderful (and very, very rainy) spring break day! Hope you guys enjoyed following me along this journey!







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