Spring Break 2018, Day 6: Morning Musings

Good morning, friends! It is currently 5:36am as I sit inside the local Starbucks located next to the Bruin Theater. Sleep did not come easy last night, so I said, “Screw it”, and dragged my baggy-eyed self out of bed to get an early start to my day.

Sometimes, it seems that the longest days ahead are the ones where you have nothing planned. I do know that tonight, my friends and I are gonna party hard at Tigerheat, a gay club. Before that, though, I have the entire day to myself. A blank page, a white canvas. How will I choose to write my narrative?

As I went about my daily morning routine, I had a thought. What if today was the day I began my first novel?

A little while back, I told y’all that I was working on my first book, an autobiography, which would be but a compilation of my blog posts. After talking to my fellow community of writers, though, I came to realize that the process of writing a book is rarely as simple as mashing together blog bits. I have since scrapped the project, and am itching to start a new one.

How cool would it be to become the next J.K. Rowling?! To entertain and inspire millions with my brainchild… My goodness, though. The level of Rowling’s creativity is out of this world. Literally. The Muggle world was too boring for our beloved author, so much so that she had to create a new, magical one where her unshackled creativity roamed as free as can be.

But first, baby steps. Blogging, journal writing, the Daily Bruin– all are ways in which I can perfect my craft as a writer. Not to mention the plethora of creative writing classes available to undergraduate students at UCLA!! Ahhhh, the bounds are endless in this beautiful world of words. I’m so excited to see how far I can stretch my potential as a writer.

Alrighty, guys. I’m gonna order a smoothie, then I’ll start on my morning journaling. Talk to you soon!







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