Enamored and Intoxicated

Hello, friends! It’s Friday May 11, 2018, and I’m wide awake at the ungodly hour of 2:55am. I have a really, really bad cough that’s keeping me from finding sleep, so here I am instead, writing away.

Tonight, I watched a video of Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, two-time Olympic champion ice dancers from Canada, skate their gold medal free dance to the Moulin Rouge soundtrack at PyeongChang. I kid you not— every time I watch them perform— EVERY SINGLE FREAKING TIME— I end up bursting into tears. It’s truly special, what these artists and athletes are able to impart to others… Passion, emotion, inspiration. And so, so much more.

When I watch them skate, I think of all the hard work it took for them to get to the unrivaled level they reached at the pinnacle of their competitive career. My heart is filled with great respect and tremendous inspiration at the very thought of little Tessa and Scott, who first started skating together at the ripe ages of 6 and 8. 20 years, they’ve been together— the greatest of partners, and the best of friends.

I wasn’t destined to become an Olympic champion. It just wasn’t in my cards… wasn’t in God’s plan. But looking at these two-time Olympic champions from afar inspires me to try my hardest in all I do, with hopes of reaching my own greatest potential, just as these skaters did in their craft.

And so I write to you guys, completely enamored and utterly intoxicated with inspiration… ready to take on all challenges thrown my way!

How’s school going, you may ask? Well, the workload is definitely ramping up. I have a research paper due next week, and I NEED to do well on it to ensure a decent grade in the class. Whew. Pressure is on. Being sick has caused me to miss a whole week’s worth of lecture for my adolescent development class. And don’t even get me started on my philosophy GE— I’m so behind in the readings! No matter. I will get all my work done, eventually. The priority right now is to recover from my sickness.

My parents and brother, Chris, are coming down this weekend for Mother’s Day! They’ll arrive Saturday evening and leave Sunday afternoon. I’m so excited to see them— especially Chris, whom I haven’t seen since winter break, back in January!

Well anyway, seeing as sleep isn’t coming easy tonight (it hasn’t for the past few days), I’m just gonna work on my research paper while listening to the Moulin Rouge soundtrack. Wish me luck!





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