Back From the Dead

Hey friends! I’m alive!!!

OK, I know what you’re thinking– I’ve only been gone from the blogosphere for what, three days? What you don’t know is how miserably ILL I’ve been these past few days. Feverish, cold sweats, pervasive muscle aches, fiery throat, pounding headache, painful coughs. Oh, it was a living hell! It’s only today, Wednesday, July 11, 2018, that I finally gathered the energy to roll out of my sick bed, take a shower, and go to Powell library, where I am currently crunching out this post (at half-speed, mind you, as my motor coordination skills are still not quite at full capacity yet).

The worst thing about being sick is how you have to put everything on hold until you recover. It’s a nightmare for anyone, much less a super super goal-oriented person like myself. I need to be studying for my GRE, studying Chinese (one chapter every three days… already behind schedule), practicing figure skating and dance, working out.

Speaking of skating, on Sunday, I took my first Adult-Beginner figure skating group class. Our teacher, Lili, who  also happens to be my private lesson instructor, taught us some basics: swizzles into one-foot-glide, “wiggling” backwards, and backwards swizzles. It was precisely during the backwards swizzles when Lili said the following to me:

“I think that, because you are so strong, once you have the basics down it’ll be really interesting to see how you’ll progress in your skating. I really do believe that you have what it takes to be a great skater.”

And, on hearing these words from Lili, I was filled with so much hope and inspiration. I know it’s silly, hearing a few nice-sounding words and letting it consume my waking days… but why would Lili say something like that to me if she didn’t mean it? I’ve always been one to gobble up praise like it were a decadent tiramisu cake. Who doesn’t like hearing praise?

It’s in times like these I must learn to control my momentum. Someone tells me I have potential, and I push myself hard so I can fulfill this potential. With dance, my first coaches made me believe I could become a world champion Latin ballroom dancer. I pushed and pushed myself, until I burned out. I won’t let the same fate be met with skating. I will pace myself and, once I am fully recovered from this flu, will slowly but surely get back on that ice and continue my training.

Alright, friends. There’s more I wish to say, but alas, my illness has left me weak with little physical or mental stamina. I must go now and take a nap. Have a wonderful rest of the week! And thank goodness this heat wave is finally passing!











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