An “Uber” Terrible Day!!

Good evening, friends! It’s currently 7:37pm as I crunch out today’s post. I am feeling SO lethargic right now. It’s been a long day.

I had a therapy appointment at 10am, but the morning was an Uber debacle! Yes, I mean it quite literally– my Uber app was acting up like it never had before. First, I typed in the wrong destination for the Santa Monica psychiatry clinic, which was my fault, as I should have confirmed the location before heading there for the first time. From the wrong location, I Uber’ed to the correct location… or so I thought. The Uber ended up taking me to a completely wrong address, despite the GPS saying I had arrived in the right location. Flustered, I ended up calling my therapist and having my appointment with her over the phone. To make matters worse, I found out, at the end of the phone call, that this therapist I had poured my guts out to for the past 30 minutes, was being promoted to a higher position, and thus wouldn’t be my therapist after all. So much for that, then. After finishing my first (and last) phone call with her, I Uber’ed back to my place, except instead of taking me back to my home, the app took me to Powell Library, of all places! I was literally FUMING when the Uber driver dropped me off in front of the library. So, I had to call yet another Uber to bring me back home.

After arriving home, I took a ten minute power nap to recharge after the debacle of a morning. Then, I Ubered to a park near the skating rink I go to, where I gave a little figure skater a stretching lesson, because skaters can all do with more flexibility!

After the lesson was over, the mom of the little girl I taught dropped me off at the skating rink, where I practiced for about an hour. I hate going to afternoon public sessions, because it always get crowded so fast. After skating, I headed back home, where I took a shower and chilled for a bit on my bed. Even though the day wasn’t terribly busy, I still felt exhausted. I must still be recovering from my terrible flu virus.

And now, here I am, talking to y’all! I was supposed to have a jazz dance class at 7:30pm, but I decided to skip, given my current stage of fatigue. Don’t want to risk getting sick again. One point for self-care, amirite?!

I’m gonna be at the skating rink every morning of this week, so I’d better head home soon to sleep early. I was going to study a little bit, but my eyes are already closing half shut. Anyway, I’ll get my Uber app updated as soon as I get home, and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.






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