My Year of Change

Hey friends!

Lately, I’ve seemed to be stuck in a bit of a rut. I had so many goals and plans for this summer… as usual, though, I overestimated my ability to achieve so many things, and I’ve been left feeling discouraged at my ineptitude to follow through with most of my commitments. I haven’t felt truly proud of myself in a long time, and this is because I haven’t been pushing myself to my limit, the way I used to do.

I think a big part of my problem as of late is my tendency to stretch myself too thin, resulting in mediocrity across multiple disciplines. I’d much rather be really good at a couple things, rather than be a neophyte at several hobbies. One word: FOCUS. This is how goals are achieved.

Starting from today, July 22, 2018, I am determined to accomplish the following goals during the next year:

  • Get back into shape/take care of my body. This means exercising on the daily; refraining from unhealthy food, like fried foods, sweets, heavy carbs, etc.; refrain from drinking and partying.
  • Pursue my growth as a figure skater. Ever since I started skating about three weeks ago, I’ve quickly become enamored with such a beautiful sport. Skating has always been something I’ve wanted to learn, but simply never gotten around to doing. LA has really great figure skating clubs– the rink I skate at is home to many current and former Olympians and world-class coaches (have you heard of Frank Carroll, legendary coach of Michelle Kwan, Gracie Gold, Denis Ten, Mirai Nagasu, Evan Lysacek, among many others? He works at the rink I skate at!). Anyway, you may be asking– what ever happened to ballroom dance? Well… I’ll talk more about that in a later post. The short version– between the politics, drama, and incredible difficulty of finding a dance partner, I’ve seemed to have fallen out of love for the art. I know… it’s unfortunate… but my dance lesson yesterday confirmed my suspicion that I’ve burned out from dancing. I’m really thinking of quitting dance, and replacing it with skating. Here’s my concern– when I first started dance, I absolutely loved it. I felt something similar to what I’m feeling now with ice skating. At the end of the day, though, I burned out, three-and-a-half years after I started. What if the same thing happens with skating? When the going gets tough, do I push through, or choose to give up? That would be a reflection of my character… a really poor reflection. I guess the difference between skating and ballroom is that one is an individual sport, while the other is a partner sport. With ballroom, there were simply too many outside, uncontrollable factors that hindered me from growing as a dancer. Not to mention the expenses; both ballroom and skating are expensive hobbies, but ballroom is by far the more expensive sport. From a financial and practical standpoint, skating wins. Anyway, enough rambling. Bottom line is, I’m eager to see where I am in a year with regards to skating. It’s been three weeks, and I’m already zooming through the basics. The other day, I even taught myself how to spin (ish)! My progress is going pretty fast (largely because of my gymnastics background). Then again, my progress with dancing was exponential in the beginning– and look where I am now. And, I distinctly remember telling myself I would never, ever give up dancing– and now look. I can’t keep making empty promises to myself, if I’m not going to follow through. That’s why, with skating, I will stick with it no matter what, for one year. After a year, I will check in with myself and see if I still enjoy it. The rule is, I can’t give up during this year. I will work skating around my busy school schedule. I want to make myself proud.
  • Become a good public speaker. This has been a long-standing goal of mine, and I’m determined to finally bring it to fruition this coming year. I’m going to become an official member of Bruin Toastmasters, so I can give speeches every week and getting sufficient public speaking practice.
  • Meditate regularly. Science have proven, time and time again, the myriad health benefits of regular meditation. I’ve practiced meditation before, but have never been able to stick with it. Being type-A to the core, meditation goes against my instinct of wanting to work non-stop. That’s why it’s been so difficult for me to stick with my meditation practice. But, no longer. It’s gonna happen, people. Starting today!
  • Professional development. So far in my college career, my grades have been pretty solid, but I’ve been lacking in the other side of professional development– connections. I’m determined this coming year to foster relationships with my professors and to get involved in undergraduate research. In addition to making connections, I need a solid GRE score to drive home my competitive resume.
  • Continue to write. This one’s a no-brainer. Writing makes me happy, plain and simple. When I write, time seems to stop, and I fall into a trance-like state where nothing exists but me and my words. I will continue to write to my heart’s content, this coming year (and for the rest of my life). Who knows? Maybe I’ll be able to write a book one day! Scratch that– I WILL write a book one day. I feel it in my bones, I’ll make it happen!
  • Prioritize mental health. Especially during the school year, and other times of stress. It’s easy to say, screw it, and neglect your mental well-being in favor of the endless pursuit of goals. But what if I made taking care of my mental health a goal of mine? Being a goal-oriented person, I will make sure this goal doesn’t go unachieved. If I feel myself slipping, even in the slightest, I will book an appointment with my therapist. I will stick by my medication regimen, religiously.  I will engage in self-care activities– get enough sleep, exercise, eat healthily (mind and body are interconnected, after all). I will carve out time for my creative passions (writing, skating, dancing). Through all this, I hope I can keep the depression and anxiety at bay. At the very least, I will try my best.


Alrighty folks! I think those are enough long-term goals for the next year. I will keep you posted each week on how I’m progressing. I hope you guys can be a part of my journey of self-growth and development, and help me along the way if I hit a roadblock. And I would love for you guys to share your own goals and aspirations with me, and I’ll be your biggest cheerleader!





Talk to you soon,


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