Life Update: 9/6/18

Hey folks! Long time no talk! I hope you all have been well and are enjoying the last days of summer.

My life of late has been… interesting. I had some childhood friends come visit me over the long weekend, and I took them to their first clubbing event (I know, I broke the no partying rule… but this was a special occasion!). I also took them to a strip club– yes, you heard me right. A couple weeks ago, my girlfriends and I went to our first male strip club EVER. The show was, let’s just say… entertaining, to say the least. I received more than one lap dance from the strippers when they came out into the audience, which was an interesting experience. I actually ended up befriending one of the strippers and his friends, and get this– after watching me dance, they wanted me to be a part of a ladies’ burlesque dance group, managed by one of the strippers himself. This is a legitimate group that will tour cities around the US and get paid for their shows. The fact that they thought I’d be an asset to the group (which is comprised of some very sexy ladies), is honestly so dumbfounding. I’ve never seen myself as “sexy”, not in the least. I guess that self-perception is outdated. Either way, I haven’t committed fully to the group, as there is no way I could fit it into my busy student life. Still, the idea of joining remains intriguing… If I did still want to be a professional dancer, I’d see this as a window of an opportunity. But, alas, that dream has faded.

Anyway, where was I? Ahh, yes. I took my friends to that same strip club this weekend, where I watched the show for a second time. I was happy to see that my friends enjoyed the show, and received their first lap dances!

How are summer classes going, you may ask? Well, philosophy is still difficult as ever… but we’re almost done! Our grades are comprised of three papers, 10 reading responses, and participation points. We’ve completed 2 papers already. I was disappointed with my grade on the first paper– 88%. The class average was a B, which meant I scored higher than the mean. Apparently the highest grade our TA gave the class of 40 was an A-. He’s a tough grader, that one. I’m eager to see how I did on paper #2, since I worked quite hard to perfect it. Now, I’m working on paper #3. I had a productive morning, completing 3.5 of the required 4-6 pages. Our paper outline is due tomorrow, but I submitted the assignment yesterday. Peer review due September 13, and final paper due next Friday, the 14th.

I’ll be going home on the 15th with the same childhood friends who came to visit me last weekend. They were nice enough to have offered to pick me up in LA, then drive me all the way home (we’re actually neighbors in Redwood Shores!).

In other news, I’m currently living between two different apartments– my summer apartment and my school year apartment. Due to poor planning on my part, my two leases overlapped. The summer apartment’s lease ends September 15th, while the school year apartment lease began August 24th. I’ve been staying mostly in the school year apartment, since my best friends live there, and it’s fun having their close company.

The depression has been acting up a little bit. I woke up today feeling reluctant to get out of bed, but eventually mustered the strength to do so. I found that keeping an “Accomplishments” list, and filling it out throughout the day, really helps me keep up the positivity and motivation. Already today, I’ve accomplished the following:

  1. woke up before 9am
  2. worked out in the morning at the apartment gym
  3. bought a pair of dancing heels, for only $15!
  4. worked hard on my paper

At 1:30pm, I’ll head to the ice skating rink for the first time in over a month. I’m eager to get back into skating and improve as much as I can before the school year begins.

I was supposed to go to Toastmasters today and give a prepared speech. However, I chickened out, using skating as an excuse to forgo the meeting. I went to Toastmasters last week, and delivered a very shaky one-minute impromptu speech, which honestly shook my confidence in public speaking. I know I should have picked myself back up after the terrifying experience, and bravely continued on my conquest to overcome my fear of public speaking. But I didn’t. Which makes me very ashamed of myself… I promise, though, next week, no matter how afraid I may be, I will go to that meeting. I must commit, in order to see change. It’ll happen, guys, and I’ll make sure to keep you posted on my progress.

As for dance, I’m still taking a break from Latin ballroom, and am moving on to other styles, like jazz and heels. If my schedule allows, I will be taking a heels dance lesson tonight at 8:30pm.

I might actually have a date later today! But we will see, because the guy I am seeing is unusually busy. I’ll update you guys later on how it goes (if it happens, that is).

I hope y’all have a great rest of the day!






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