Midterm Season is Upon Us!

Hey guys! It’s 5:35pm on this lovely Monday afternoon. I’m sitting a Jamba Juice located in UCLA’s Ackerman Union. It’s so cold in here, and goosebumps line the entirety of my arms. I’m listening to Christina Aguilera’s song “Twice”– if you haven’t heard it, I’d highly recommend!

I have a midterm tomorrow afternoon for my human sexuality class. I’d say I am about 90% prepared. Gotta do some brush up studying when I get home, but after that, I should be good.

I am very pleased with my performance on exam #1 for my health psychology class. I got a 94%! I was so worried I would get below a 90% (not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just I hold myself to higher expectations). I’m still working on the whole “not equating my self worth with external achievements” thing. It’s much easier said than done, of course. A healthy dose of self-imposed pressure is good, as it pushes you to try your very best. But if you’re living and dying with each exam, dwelling on each failure (and victory) for far too long than is healthy… well that’s a problem.

It’s important in life to learn how to cope with failures and disappointments. The truth is, you can’t be at your A-game, 100% of the time. We all have our off days. Now, that’s not an excuse to not try your very best in all you do. But sometimes, even with ample training and practice, you just don’t deliver. It happens. You gotta learn how to block out those bad times and move forward. Learn from your mistakes. Investigate what went wrong, and don’t repeat the same error the next time around.

Here’s a case in point. I recently applied to this club called “Morning Sign Out”. It’s essentially a writing organization where students write about hot topics in medicine, and present scientific studies in layman’s terms, to make information accessible to all people. I wanted to join this organization because I wanted to write about mental health. When I was filling out the application, I thought to myself, “Man, I got this. I’m a shoe-in. I was a writer for the Daily Bruin! I’ve been writing on my personal blog for over 4 years! I’ve worked as a writing tutor / essay editor! My name was published in a medical journal! No way I’ll get rejected from this org.” I relied too heavily on my past laurels, and ended up phoning in on the writing portion of the application. I was cocky, and it was that cockiness that kicked me in the ass, at the end of the day. I was rejected. And I was furious at myself. But I learned a very, very valuable lesson from this experience. NEVER, EVER half-ass something, no matter how confident you may be. If you want to achieve something that’s important to you, you must give it your all, every time.

Okay guys. Time for me to “sign out”. Gotta go home, take a shower (I had dance practice before this), and study some more. Wish me luck on my midterm tomorrow!








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