The Final Push Before Winter Break

Hello, friends. It’s 1:11am on this Monday morning. I really should be asleep… but for some reason, sleep wasn’t coming easy tonight. So I decided to write this blog post, mainly as a way to sort out my thoughts regarding the last three weeks of this quarter, before winter break.

This is it. It’s the final stretch of the marathon. I’ve worked hard these past 8 weeks, struggled a bit with mental health, but am glad to say I’ve averted a mental breakdown. These next few weeks are critical, though. Here’s the rundown:

Week 9

Monday, 11/26: fly back to LA; study sesh with friend, 8pm-10pm @ Powell library

Tuesday, 11/27: Psych 110, Psych 188B lecture; skating group class @ 7pm

Wednesday, 11/28: discussion, final class of Psych M140, before the final during week 10

Thursday, 11/29: Psych 110, Psych 188B lecture; friend’s 21st bday party, 10pm

Friday, 11/30: no class; study day; work out, skate

Saturday, Dec 1: study/dance/skate

Sunday, Dec 2: church; meet with Bishop; host a dance workshop


Week 10

Monday, Dec 3: no class; study day; work out, skate

Tuesday, Dec 4: Psych 110, Psych 188B

Wednesday, Dec 5: Psych M140 final

Thursday, Dec 6: Psych 110, Psych 188B final lectures

Friday, Dec 7: no class; study day; work out, skate

Saturday, Dec 8: study; work out, skate

Sunday, Dec 9: study: work out, skate


Finals Week

Monday Dec 10: study

Tuesday, Dec 11: Psych 188B final, 3:30pm-4:45pm

Wednesday, Dec 12: study for psych 110

Thursday, Dec 13: study for psych 110

Friday, Dec 14: psych 110 final, 9am-11am

Sunday, Dec 16: bus home


The final stretch is always the hardest for me. On the one hand, it’s nice because the end is in sight. However, being so close to the end of a battle can make the days seem longer, the studying more tedious. I can’t complain, though. I’ve had a chill quarter, despite piling on 4 upper division classes. I planned out my classes such that I didn’t have class Monday or Friday, which meant I had 4-day weekends every week! Next quarter will be nowhere near as luxurious. I’m taking 4 classes again, this time with a language class in my schedule (language classes are always a lot of work). And winter quarter is notorious for being the most difficult quarter. Unlike fall quarter, which has a lot of breaks (Veteran’s day, Thanksgiving), winter quarter has close to none. It’s also the time when burn-out starts to set in. On top of all that, the weather tends to be a lot gloomier during this time, which can lend way to seasonal depression (but again, can’t complain, since I’m living in LA, where the winters aren’t nearly as brutal as some other states).

If all goes as planned and I score in the top 90s in my finals, I’ll be guaranteed an A in all of my classes, which will surely boost my upper division GPA (which isn’t great, right now). I know I have it in my to get those A’s. And you may ask me why I am so adamant on getting perfect grades. It’s kind of ridiculous, how much pressure I place on myself to do well academically, especially considering I’m no longer fighting to get into med school. It’s really unhealthy, actually. I’m living and dying with each exam, and the pressure is getting too much. I don’t think college is supposed to be this hard. But I insist on making it hard for myself, and for what? I think my obsession of getting straight A’s is just that– an obsession. An addiction to that external validation. See, this is why it’s so important for me to seek therapy!

Anyway, it’s time for me to sleep. Have a good night, everyone!





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