Blogmas 2018 Day 4: San Jose Adventures and Gymnastics Reunion!

Hey guys! It’s currently 11:44pm on this Thursday night. I got home not too long ago, after a fun-filled, heartfelt day of eating, shopping, and reunion. I’m honestly super tired right now, so I will probably finish this blog post tomorrow. In the meantime, I’ll give you a little run-down of what happened today!

I woke up around 10:30am. At 11:15am, my brother Chris drove me to the Caltrain station, where I hopped aboard the train to San Jose. My friend Milton picked me up from the station, and we had a merry-ol’-time finding street parking before eating mac-n-cheese at this American restaurant (I’m totally forgetting the name of the restaurant!). The mac-n-cheese was supposed to be San Jose’s best, according to Yelp, but the two of us were underwhelmed. The fish-n-chips we shared was mediocre, at best. After eating, we headed to the Great Mall, where we did some Christmas shopping! I bought some gifts for friends and, as hard as I tried to abstain from buying anything for myself, I couldn’t resist buying a pair of cheetah-print sweatpants for myself– I mean, who can resist cheetah print?!

After shopping, Milton dropped me off at the rhythmic gymnastics club I used to coach at, two summers ago. It was honestly so great reuniting with the girls and the coaches. I was initially a little nervous to see everyone, but once I saw their smiling faces, all feelings of inhibition washed away. I felt so at home, at the gym. Gymnastics was my childhood, and the sport shaped me into the woman I am today. It’s always great to go back to your roots every now and then. I even did some gymnastics, only to find out just how weak my body had gotten after I stopped training! I complained to one of the coaches about how terribly out of shape my body had become, and she told me to not compare the way I am now to the way I was when I was still competing. It was a different time. And just because I’m no longer an athlete doesn’t mean I can’t get strong again.

I plan on coaching at the gym full-time, once I graduate this June. That, and the English tutoring gig I recently landed. I’m even considering the possibility of becoming a rhythmic gymnastics JUDGE! It’ll be a great way for me to reconnect with the sport and members of that community. So that’s my post-grad plan. I’ll be able to make some money while pursuing my own dancing, skating, and writing (I’ll finally have time to write that long-awaited book!). My dream is to move to NYC, but that’s only when I have enough money to do so. It feels so great to have a solid post-grad plan. And of course, plans do change, and I am open to the possibility of my life going a different direction. Only time will tell what will happen, and it’s absolutely okay to NOT know the future.

After training, one of my friends from the gym gave me a ride to the train station. Sadly, I missed my 8:45pm train and had to sit in the station for an hour before the 9:45pm train arrived. During my wait, I befriended a nice Filipina lady who dispensed all sorts of life advice to me. It’s crazy how much you can learn from a conversation with a stranger. Not saying that you should go befriending all strangers… that can be dangerous (trust me, I found out the hard way). Just use your best judgement, and as hard as this is for me to say (I’m generally a very open and friendly person and love befriending everyone), it’s better to rear on the end of safety and stay on the lookout for the weirdo’s of this world.

I got home around 10:52pm. Wrote the beginning of this blog post, but after 30 minutes, was too tired to continue writing. So here I am now, on this lovely Friday night at 10:31pm, finishing YESTERDAY’S blogmas! Geez, I’m already a day behind on my series! Gotta get it together, Bel! But, I will say that I’ve been super busy as of late, so I’ll cut myself a bit of slack.

Alrighty, guys! After I upload this post, I’m gonna crank out Blogmas Day 5, which technically is due tonight at 11:59pm. If I’m efficient, I’ll be able to do it! So I’ll talk to you guys later!







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