Blogmas 2018 Day 5: Interview and Shopping Galore!

Hey y’all! It’s 10:50pm on this Friday night as I begin this post.

I woke up around 3:30am, for some strange reason, and could not fall back asleep until a couple hours later. I woke up the second time at 11:00am and got ready for my 12:00pm Skype interview. The interview was for an assistant choreographer position for UCLA’s HOOLIGAN Theater winter quarter musical, “Fame”. The musical is about a group of young artists who attend a performing arts’ high school. Each of them have dreams of making it big, whether as an actor, dancer, or musician. I suppose the musical encapsulates the life I sometimes wish I had led. All throughout middle and high school, I begged my parents to homeschool me, or let me do online schooling, so I could have more time to pursue gymnastics. At one point, I even considered transferring to San Francisco School of the Arts, where I could pursue a dance education. There always seemed to be a strict divide between school and gymnastics, or school and dance. For some reason, I was never able to go to school, FOR gymnastics, or FOR dance. I suppose, when applying for colleges, I had the option of choosing dance as my major… but even that wasn’t an ideal option for me, as my style of dance, Latin Ballroom, was not covered in UCLA’s dance curriculum. It was always one or the other. Never both. I wish I had the option of going to school for my PASSION, like these kids in “Fame” do. So, long story short, I would really love to be a member of the creative team for “Fame” because the message of this musical resonates on such a deeply personal level for me.

Okay, I just ranted a whole lot about “Fame”. Where was I? Oh yes. The interview. So the interview took place over Google Hangouts. Me, being the technologically-challenged being I am, could not for the life of me find the chat-room where the interview was being held! At almost 12:30pm, 30-minutes after my scheduled interview time, I finally was able to click the correct link and join the group video chat. The production team was really understanding about the challenges of technology, and we proceeded onward with the interview.

The interview went very well, in my opinion. I was confident in my reasons behind why I wanted to choreograph “Fame”. My past experience as an assistant choreographer for “Cabaret” last year gave me an edge, I think. “Fame” is a very dance-heavy production, and I do believe I have a lot to offer this musical, with my experience in ballroom, ballet, jazz, and hip hop.

After the interview, I went to the gym, where I danced and learned some new choreography that I will teach to my Bruin Burlesque students.

By the time I got back from the gym, it was a little past 3pm. At 3:30pm, my high school friend Rachel picked me up from my house, and we headed to the Hillsdale Shopping Center for a day of shopping and bonding! I bought a fur coat and sparkly party dress from Forever 21. Rachel also got herself a sequined party dress and this really cute leotard with rhinestone straps. Honestly, Forever 21 is the only store I can afford to shop at these days. #brokecollegestudent , amirite?! I’m not actually broke though– if I were, how could I afford to go shopping TWO DAYS in a row??

At 6:05pm, we headed to California Pizza Kitchen and ate dinner there. I had the holiday special: Mac-N-Cheese with Beef Brisket. Rachel had a Cali Club Pizza (basically a club sandwich, pizza version). After dinner, Rachel drove me home, and we bade farewell, for the time being. Don’t you just hate goodbyes, no matter how long the separation duration?

I went home to an empty house. My parents and brother were out for dinner. So I did the rational thing and celebrated my alone time with a horror-thriller movie, “Bird Box”. The movie was pretty intense, and I found myself buried underneath my bedsheets for the duration of the movie, as if somehow the warm comfort of my blankets would protect me from any scary monsters lurking in the dark.

By the time I finished the movie, my parents and brother were back home, so the house was no longer so dark and eerie. I showed off my new fur coat to them, and my brother said the coat was very prostitute-esque. But he quickly added that I myself didn’t look like a prostitute (thanks, for the reassurance, Chris).

After trying Chris’s delicious homemade pineapple-custard buns, I went back up to my room and finished writing Blogmas 2018 Day 4. And now, here I am, finishing up Day 5! It’s currently 11:31pm. My computer battery is running low, so I’d better end this post here. Today was a nice, simple, relaxing day. Sometimes, those are the best kinds of days.







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