Blogmas Day 7: Figure Skating, Writing, and MORE WRITING!

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Blogmas Day 7, aka Christmas Eve-Eve! It’s actually 8:18pm on Christmas Eve as I write this post. I told you I’m falling behind on my Blogmas series! But I made a commitment to write about every day, so I’m sticking to it.

So I have to take a minute to jog my memory, since I’m writing a post about yesterday. What did, I do?

I woke up. We know that much, lol. I think it was super early, like at 6am, or something. I remember being super excited to continue learning a new choreography from YouTube, which I will then teach to my Bruin Burlesque students.

I arrived at the gym at around 7am. Normally, there’s a yoga class in the studio, but I suppose the yoga teacher took a holiday break, so the class was canceled, and I had the dance studio all to myself! I practiced the choreography to “Another One Bites the Dust” by my new favorite band, Queen. Before watching the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody”, I knew a few of their hit songs, including “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Another One Bites the Dust”, “The Show Must Go On”, and “We Will Rock You”. All very catchy songs and super fun to sing and dance to. After watching the movie, I gained a newfound appreciation for the band and their courage to expand the boundaries of music and create unconventional art that the public loved. So my latest obsession is Queen. That, and figure skating. Speaking of which…

At around 12:30pm, my friend Louise picked me up and drove us to the ice skating rink. It was my first time back on the ice in about a month, so I felt a bit rusty in the beginning. Usually during skating practice, I skate around the rink a couple times then jump right into practicing spins and other elements. This time around, I did something different. Louise and I basically skated around the perimeter of the rink for an hour, engaged in deep conversation about a wide range of topics– college, mental health in sports, mental health in general, and more. It was a really great conversation. After an hour, we decided to do some real skating. Normally it takes me a few tries to get on the right part of my blade during a spin. This time around, my first spin of the day was well-executed. In fact, everything element I did was on-point! Spins, spirals, 3-turns… It was all falling into place and making sense. You know those “ah-ha” moments you get in the classroom, when suddenly, you understand a concept with newfound clarity? Well that’s exactly what I experienced yesterday, on the ice. My first skating coach was right– it would take me roughly 3 months to get down the basics and feel comfortable on the ice. It’s been roughly 3 months, and I gotta say, I feel like a totally different skater than before. Don’t get me wrong– I am still a beginner. But I have a newfound confidence on the ice. I am no longer hesitant and afraid to fall. I’m not afraid to try new skills. My focus has shifted from simply trying to stay on my feet, to actually executing elements with correct technique. I guess you could say I’ve found my “ice-legs”. And all that happened within a single skating practice session! As the public skate session ended, Louise and I were the only ones left on the ice. There was Christmas music playing in the background, and I didn’t hesitate to dance/skate to the music. For the first time in my short skating career, I felt free to express! It was the most magical feeling!

So after yesterday’s breakthrough practice, I’ve learned that I skate my best when completely warmed up. My new skating warmup routine is as follows: stretch for 30 minutes, then skate around the perimeter of the ice for at least 45 minutes, practicing stroking, swizzles, cross-overs, and one-foot glides. Also, I need to fall a few times to get it out of my system. Only after I have completed my warmup can I move on to practicing more complex skills, like spins and spirals and jumps.

At 3pm, Louise’s parents picked us up and dropped me off at my house. I can’t remember what I did next. All I know is, I had dinner at 7pm then headed up to my room, where I wrote for 5.5 hours straight on both this blog and “The Athlete’s Corner”. What a great feeling it was, to lose myself in my words and to release all my pent-up thoughts and emotions onto the computer screen. I was completely immersed in my work, unaware of time passing me by. I wrote my opus of the year– the story of my career-ending injury, which you can read here. It was 2am when I finished.

And of course, after a jam-packed day of writing and skating, I was all tuckered out, and went to bed immediately after uploading my blog post. And so concludes Blogmas Day 7!









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