Blogmas Days 9, 10, and 11: Christmas Day and Wisdom Tooth Removal!

Hey guys! It’s currently 9pm on Thursday, December 27, 2018. I apologize for not having kept up with blogging these past few days! Between Christmas parties, skating, building my new website, getting my wisdom tooth removed, and catching a cold, I haven’t had much time to sit down and just write.

I guess I’ll start from the present and go backwards. Today (12/27/18) was a pretty big day– I got my right lower wisdom tooth removed! The entire process was pretty quick, though I can’t say it was painless. My appointment was at 10am, so I made sure to eat a REALLY big breakfast of congee, smoothie, and blueberries (oh, and I might have snuck in a slice of Uncle Tetsu’s cheesecake, for good measure) before we left the house. Once we arrived at the dental office, the dentist got me started my applying a local anesthetic to the area around my lower right molar. I always hate that darn needle they stick into your gums when injecting the anesthesia. Sometimes, that part is more painful than the actual tooth extraction! We waited about 15 minutes for the anesthesia to kick in, after which the dentist began the extraction process.


I felt a strong pressure on my lower right molar, followed by sharp pain when I felt the tooth being pulled out of my gums. I worried that I was not given enough local anesthetic, which got me really scared. My eyes were closed the ENTIRE time. At one point, I heard something crack in my mouth, which was probably the sound of my wisdom tooth being dislodged from the rest of my jaw. Ouch. Before I knew it, though, the procedure was done. The dentist, who also happens to be a good family friend, remarked that I got lucky, because the extraction was so easy! I wasn’t expected to feel much pain during recovery.

After we left the dental office, my mom and I went to the local pharmacy to pick up antibiotic medication for the sutured-up hole in my mouth, as well as extra strong Tylenol. No need for any strong prescription pain meds, like Vicodin. I sure did luck out, with this particular wisdom tooth. Hopefully this will be the only one that needs to get removed!

When I got home, I started feeling pretty under the weather, physically. I must have caught a cold from the past few days of skating in the cold rink without a jacket. So I took my medications and went to sleep for a few hours. When I woke up, it was about 4pm. I felt a little better, but not enough to get out of bed. So I watched the 2014 movie “The Theory of Everything”, which tells the story of the late Dr. Stephen Hawking, British theoretical physicist. Absolutely loved it– and the soundtrack was superb, as well. I would love to dance/skate a routine to the soundtrack, one day!

For dinner, I had a gigantic bowl of congee, seeing as it was the only thing I could eat! After dinner, I drove to Nob Hill Foods to buy myself some applesauce and pistachio ice cream. It was my first time trying the Italian ice cream brand “Talenti”, and my goodness it was delicious! I’m eating it right now, as I type out this blog!

Alrighty, now that we’ve caught up to the present, let’s turn back TIME (lol, reference to Hawking’s obsession) and talk about what I did the past couple days.

Tuesday was Christmas Day. It’s weird. When I was a little girl, I’d wake up every Christmas morning feeling like the happiest person on Earth. I’d scream, “MERRY CHRISTMAS”, to all my family members still asleep in their warm beds, and effectively wake everyone up. I’d dash down the stairs and sort through the presents to see which ones were mine. I was a good girl, though, and never opened them until my mom gave me permission to.

Christmas used to be a day of great fervor and excitement, something I’d look forward to for months on end. Once Christmas was over, I’d be very sad, only to perk up at the thought of next year’s Christmas. Then I’d break out my little calendar and start the Christmas countdown, 364 days in advance. THAT is how much the holiday meant to me, when I was a kid.

Nowadays, I’m most definitely NOT that energetic. Nor do I find myself counting down the days for major holidays, be it Halloween, my birthday, or even Christmas. I kind of just let it happen, silently smiling and soaking in each moment. Then once the celebration has passed, I am sobered back to reality, and life goes on. I suppose this is what happens when you grow up. The big things don’t seem to matter as much, and it’s the little things that bring us the greatest joy.

So that’s what Christmas was this year. I woke up like it was any other day of winter break. I put on my red and green Christmas outfit for pictures. Went downstairs, ate my usual breakfast. Then cracked open my laptop to work on my blog, until my mother said it was time to take pictures and open presents. The stockings were emptied, and as usual, we found red envelopes filled with lucky money from our parents and grandmother. We expressed our thanks and proceeded onward to open our individual presents. I received a new pair of Raybands sunglasses, a pair of Adidas running shoes, coupled with a pair of Calvin Klein sweatpants, a beautiful angel ornament, and a bookmark that reads, “Keep Dancing”.

Since it’s been two days since Christmas, I can’t remember what my other family members received as their presents. All I can say is, I feel super grateful that my family can afford to give each other presents as tokens for our love for one another. Not all families are fortunate enough to engage in the act of gift-giving. And even though, at the end of the day, most Christmas gifts are just material possessions, it’s really the thought behind it that warms the heart and makes you smile.

By the time we finished opening presents and taking pictures, it was around 1:30pm. I drove myself to the ice skating rink (yes, I survived the freeway!), where I skated from 2pm to 4pm. Normally, the public session starts at 2:30pm, but the manager was nice enough to let me skate in the freestyle session with the competitive skaters, if I paid $4 extra. Since it was Christmas, there weren’t that many freestyle skaters on the ice. But it was still cool being able to pretend I was “one of them”, for those brief 30 minutes (one day, Belicia, one day).

After skating, I drove home and got dressed for the Christmas party my family and I were invited to. The party was hosted by the very family friends who brought my mom and dad together! So I actually owe my very existence to Auntie Ella and Uncle Henry!

The party was mainly for the adults. Us “kids” were relegated to a table of our own. The food was amazing as usual. I especially enjoyed the clam linguini, which I will attempt to make for myself when I go back to school.

It was around 10pm by the time we got back home. I hit the hay early that night, since I had a 7am phone appointment the next morning, with my psychiatrist in LA.

Which finally brings me to yesterday, December 26, 2018. Miraculously, I managed to wake up by 7am. The doctor checked in with me, heard that I was doing well, and put in another prescription for me to pick up once I got back to LA. The rest of the day was kind of a blur. I didn’t go skating that day, because I had some pretty nasty blisters on my left foot, and I think my body needed to rest and absorb all the new information I was getting. I spent most of the day working on my new site, “The Athlete’s Corner”. I think I already told you guys about this project of mine. If not, here’s a quick elevator pitch: it’s a website dedicated to giving current and former members a platform to share their experiences in the world of sports. Many people don’t know what goes on behind the scenes in the shaping of a competitive athlete. The strict training regimen. The number of sacrifices one must make for one’s sport. The mental and physical abuse. The constant pressure to perform to perfection. Body image issues. Injuries. And, once the athlete inevitably retires, how they are able to make the difficult transition to a life outside their sport. I want to educate the public about life in sports, and I want to do it through the voices of athletes, coaches, and parents of athletes. It’s a big project, but it’s definitely one I am passionate about.

So that basically wraps up what happened with me, these past few days. I’ll talk to you guys tomorrow! ❤


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