Gap Year Blog Series: Day 5

Hey y’all! How are y’all doing? It’s currently 11:55pm on this Sunday night. I actually just got back from a date, which I think went pretty well! Summer classes start tomorrow– though I graduated class of 2019 and was able to walk the ceremony, I still have two more requirements to complete before I can receive my official diploma. I am taking Physiological Sciences 5 and Theater 120A, the former being my last GE, and the latter being a random upper division class to fulfill required units.

Today was pretty chill. It was my last day of “vacation” before work and classes ramp up. I took a beginner jazz funk class at Edge Performing Arts Center, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I’m in the process of reading “A Picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde, which is a book I’ve always wanted to read. At around 8:00pm, I went on a nice and wholesome dinner date with a guy named Gilbert. He was really sweet, and we ended the night on my rooftop, enjoying the view. While the date went well, I don’t know if I like him enough to see him again. Oh well. You win some, you lose some.

This week is going to be extremely busy. I was called for jury duty on Tuesday, June 25, which means I’ll have to fly back to the Bay on Monday– aka, tomorrow night. I’m going to call in tomorrow and see if I need to go to jury duty, or if I can possibly be exempted. If I have to go to jury duty, I would have classes Monday from 11am-4pm, then fly home at 8pm, have jury duty all day Tuesday, then fly back to LA Tuesday night at 10pm. I have classes again on Wednesday, as well as my first day of work as a dance fitness instructor. Thursday I have work all day at the figure skating rink. Then, on Thursday night at 11pm, my best friend and I are taking a bus back to the Bay, where we will hang out until Sunday. So yeah, rough week ahead. Really hope I don’t need to do jury duty, LOL.

All right, time to head to bed, even though I am not the slightest bit tired. I’ll talk to you guys soon!







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