Gap Year Blog Series: Day 20

Hello everyone! Happy almost-hump-day! It’s currently 2:46pm on this sunny Tuesday afternoon. No class today, just work in the evening. I woke up at 8am and had a great morning workout with my friend Anna, who is a UCLA gymnast. It was really cool seeing how UCLA gymnasts train. The workout was undoubtedly intense, but not as unbearable as I anticipated it to be! Oh, another thing– I saw this cute guy in a yellow shirt in the weights room this morning, and if my eyes don’t deceive me, I believe I caught him glancing over at me a couple times? Once as I was working out, and once as I was leaving the gym. Oh, what a feeling that was. But no matter, nothing is coming of it, as I’m leaving LA in a couple months, on September 14th. No point in stirring up romance where it doesn’t belong.

One of my goals for this gap year (and life in general) is to take better care of my physical health, which means getting back in shape. Having graduated college, I no longer can pull the same old excuse of “oh, I’m studying all the time so I can’t work out”. I am now more committed than ever to accomplish my long-term goal of getting fit, and gaining back my pre-college toned physique. Later today, I’ll be working out again at around 5pm, after which I will teach an hour-long dance fitness class at UCLA’s gym. I find that two-a-day’s (aka working out twice a day) works really well for me.

So what else have I been up to, since I last spoke to y’all? Well, my job at the figure skating rink is really taking off. I recently started teaching a rhythmic gymnastics class at the rink, and the girls seem to be loving it! My Saturday 11:50am class is super big– 10 little girls in a small off-ice area twirling ribbons, bouncing balls, and spinning hoops. And I have to oversee it all. Definitely NOT an easy task, but as long as they’re enjoying, that’s all that matters. Clientele is really building up for me. Word got out that there was a new stretching/rhythmic gymnastics coach at the rink (aka me), and a lot of parents have been hitting me up for lessons. Oh, how it breaks my heart that I must leave them so soon! Indeed, my decision to move back home in September was not an easy one. But I know I must put my mental health first, and if going home to gain access to better and more accessible mental health care is what it takes, then return home I must. Even if it means giving up a great job at the rink, as well as my job as a dance fitness instructor.

Alrighty, guys. Time to get some studying done before heading to the gym. I’ll talk to you guys soon!






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