A Budding Romance…

Hey guys! Long time no talk, how are y’all doing?

Lots of big changes happening in my life lately. For one, I am moving back to the Bay Area on August 26, so I’m spending my last couple weeks in LA working, taking classes, and enjoying this beautiful city.

Another big change– I met a guy! It was Saturday, August 3, four days ago. For privacy’s sake, I will call him “John”. On Saturday night, I was hanging out with some friends at a bar in Koreatown, where I met John. We hit it off right away. Little did I know how much time I’d spend with him during the next three days! We hung out Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. So literally every day. We’ve been texting and calling each other on the phone, and it’s been absolutely thrilling, knowing that someone is actually this interested in me!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Why on EARTH would I even think of starting a relationship (it would be my first one) a few weeks before I move back home? I could honestly ask myself the same thing. I had no idea how well I’d get along with this guy, and how much we seem to like each other and enjoy each other’s company. For now, that’s enough. I’m just taking it day-by-day, reveling in each moment spent with John. He just graduated from USC’s MBA program and is working on a startup. He was also a Bruin, graduating with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Smart dude and super funny.

I was supposed to meet John tonight for a date– we were going to go to Topanga Canyon Viewpoint at night to enjoy the view. Sadly, he had to cancel because he was getting sick and didn’t want to get me sick either. I think a little time spent apart would be nice as well, since we’ve been seeing each other a LOT these past few days. After all, distance does build desire…

Man. I’ve never fallen for a guy this fast, and a part of me knows I’m playing a dangerous game and will very likely get hurt at the end. The fact that I’m leaving so soon complicates things and is a big reason why we are seeing each other so frequently. My friend told me about a friend of hers who met her now-husband very shortly before he moved to Alaska. Once he moved, they did long-distance for five years before getting married! Now, I am in no way implicating that John and I will get married– although who knows? Life is wondrous sometimes and you never know what’s gonna happen!

Welp, whatever happens will happen for a reason. No use in worrying about an unforeseen future. Just gotta take it day by day and enjoy the limited time I have left with John! And it’s not like I’m moving overseas. I’m only a 7-hr drive away, and if this ends up going further, I’m sure we could somehow make it work.

Alrighty folks, I gotta go get ready to celebrate my friend’s 22nd bday! Going to the store to grab some cake, and we’re going to celebrate at midnight.




– Belicia

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