Coronavirus Quarantine Series: Day 3

Hey guys! I hope you guys are as well as can be. It’s currently 10:44pm on this Thursday night. I’m sitting in bed with a soothing, cool Korean face mask pasted on my face. Feeling… content after a long but productive day.

Nothing that earth-shattering happened today. I woke up and sped through my morning routine; went online to check the latest update on the coronavirus (was met with some more dismal news); read more of my current book, “Grit”; studied the math portion of the GRE; chipped away at a new article I’m writing on my website, The Athlete’s Corner; walk/ran on the levee for an hour and 25 minutes; watched the movie “Wonder Woman” for what’s got to be the third time; did a deep dive into the life of Gal Gadot, the titular character of the 2017 DC film; and now, here I am, writing today’s post, as promised!

I feel so drawn to the character Wonder Woman. She is everything and more that I hope to embody myself: strong, courageous, compassionate, pure-hearted, perseverant, poised, and steadfast in her beliefs. She is unafraid to stand up for what she believes is right. She personifies what it means to be brave and bold. Fictitious as she may be, Wonder Woman still stands as one of my greatest role models, which is probably why I keep watching the film time and time again, when in need of some inspiration. I love the epic scene where she bravely leaves the safety of the British trenches and steps into the deadly “No Man’s Land”. Right before she does, she turns around and carefully dons the headband of her fallen aunt, the greatest warrior of the Amazons, who died in battle whilst protecting her. This subtle but powerful act brings me chills, every time I watch it. Once out on the battlefield, she single-handedly deflects bullets with her armor and shield, assisting the British army in what once was an impossible battle.

Today, I felt a tiny spark of Wonder Woman inside me. No, I did not save the world, cure coronavirus, or suddenly transform into the radiant, charismatic beauty that is Gal Gadot. None of that. Rather, it was the little things, the little victories, like successfully solving a math problem, and surviving an hour-long run, that made me feel proud of myself. I can sleep tonight, content at the work I put into today. I haven’t been able to say those words in a very long time. For the first time in forever, my actions are beginning to align with what I say. I can preach all I want to about how I’m finally getting my life back on track after over half a year of existing in a limbo state, but without any actions to back it up, my words are rendered empty and meaningless. And if I can’t trust my own word, then how can I believe in myself?

Alrighty, guys. My eyes are starting to droop out of exhaustion. I’m gonna peel off this face mask, do some private journaling, then get some shut-eye. I’ll talk to you guys tomorrow!





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