Coronavirus Quarantine Series: Day 15

Hello hello, dear friends! Today’s post will be brief, as it is nearing midnight, and I would like to sleep at a decent hour so I can wake up early tomorrow!

Today was a productive day. I woke up early and danced for a couple hours. Then, I went upstairs to my room, where I made a lot of progress on writing my first novel! Over 300 pages so far, and we’re not even halfway through! That’s why I’m planning on splitting the book into two parts: 2014-2016 (high school), and 2016-2019 (college). More on that, later.

From 3-4:30pm, I had SAT English tutoring. The class was uneventful; I simply graded papers and corrected homework questions. Nothing too exciting.

From 7-9pm, I attended a virtual Toastmasters meeting via Zoom! And get this– I gave my first prepared speech, which was my “Ice Breaker” speech. I basically talked for 6 minutes about myself and what I wanted to accomplish through Toastmasters. The theme of my speech was “looking fear in the face” and overcoming personal hurdles to get to where you want to go. I cited some quotes from famous figures, like Eleanor Roosevelt and John Wooden. The feedback I received from audience members was immensely positive. I had people tell me how moved they were by not only my choice of words and powerful phrases, but also my vocal variety, rhythm, and overall delivery. They all said my message was profound and inspiring, and they could envision me as becoming a wonderful public speaker. Wow! I feel so encouraged and inspired to continue along my public speaking journey, as I know that, with practice and patience, I will be a brilliant orator one day. I just know it.

The rest of the night I spent talking on the phone with friends. I recently had a fight with my best friend Alexandra. Thankfully, we made up over the phone after an hour-and-a-half of sentimental talking. After hanging up the phone, I headed over to my computer to continuing working on my novel. And here I am now, frantically rushing through today’s blog. I apologize for the haphazard nature of today’s post– it’s almost like an afterthought, because in all honesty, I totally forgot that I was supposed to write a blog post today, as I was so caught up in writing my novel!

So here’s the game plan for tomorrow:

8am– wake up and run on the levee

9am– study for GRE math portion

11am– prepare for Saturday’s SAT math class that I’m teaching

12-1pm– online stretching and conditioning class, FREE

1-3pm– work on novel

3-4pm– downtime (social media, catch up on news, create videos on TikTok)

4-5pm– creative writing course on Coursera

5-6pm– online Latin dance class

6-7pm– downtime (read Divergent, write creative stories)

7-8pm– dinner

8-9pm– blog

9-11pm– downtime (anything else I haven’t done in the day!)

Let’s make the most of tomorrow! We got this!





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