Final College Decision/End of Senior Year!

Hey guys! Hope all is well- I know I haven’t posted in a while, and I apologize for that. My life has been pretty hectic as of late, what with AP tests, final exams, college stuff, etc. I just finished my multivariable calculus final this morning, as well as my AP Lit final project.  I actually took my multi final two days early, since I have a driving exam on the day of the scheduled exam. As multi is by far my hardest class, I am super pleased to say that I am done with it.

This post was a spontaneous decision on my part, so I apologize in advance if it is disorganized. I felt the need to give you guys an update on what’s been going on in this exciting time of my (and all high school seniors’) life! Firstly, I’m super excited to spend the next four years of my life at UCLA!! Many of you guys probably know this already and are well aware of the anguish I faced in coming to this decision. Aside from being a school I feel perfectly at home at, UCLA has the resources I need to succeed as both a premed student and dancer. Of course, deciding to leave home was not easy. Choosing to leave my dance studio and brilliant latin dance teachers was especially difficult. However, when I asked myself which school would provide me with the most opportunity for growth and happiness, the answer was clear. I truly believe UCLA was the right choice for me. While I will miss my Bay Area friends and family, I surprisingly do not feel any regret with my decision.

Having gotten into college and decided where I will be spending my next four years, I- and most high school seniors alike- are really feeling the full force of senioritis now! It’s funny because going into second semester senior year, I was still in denial of the fact that senioritis would hit me at one point or another. You can read my post A Rant on Senioritis, in which I completely roast on senioritis and those who fall victim to it. I’ve always seen myself as especially disciplined, so the idea of me slacking off academically was out of the question. But let me tell you, even the most disciplined of students will feel it to a certain extent. It sneaks in almost imperceptibly, usually during the beginning of second semester- you spend a little less time studying for that calculus test; ditch sixth period now and then; sleep in a little longer instead of waking up early to study. Then, as college decisions roll out and the end of senior year looms closer and closer, the senioritis really starts to emerge from the shadows. The peak of my senioritis hit right around AP testing (first two weeks of May). I know, what a convenient time, right?! It was a real struggle to get myself motivated to study for those AP exams (I took four this year), especially when UCLA gives virtually no AP credit. I found myself skipping more and more class- in my defense, I only skipped when I was absolutely certain we weren’t doing anything important that day. Either way, I began to slide down the slippery slope. Did I feel guilty? Absolutely. For a person who’s been disciplined most her life, this taste of freedom was a little more than I could handle at once. I took advantage of it. What is interesting is that after AP tests finished, my senioritis subsided. I studied diligently for my spring semester finals, which is strange because colleges usually don’t care about second semester senior year grades! Currently, I only have two finals left- an AP Stats project and a human biology final exam, which I will study for once I conclude this post. My message to incoming high school seniors then, is simply that senioritis is inevitable. It may hit some harder than others, but the truth is that relaxing a little bit after getting into college is COMPLETELY normal and COMPLETELY okay! You deserve a break after four years of hard work. Just be sure to relax in MODERATION. Once May 1st hits, and you commit to your school, you will feel the pressure of four years lifted off your shoulders, and you will want to fly. Trust me- you will!! Just be patient and hold off the urge a little longer, until AP’s and finals are over. Then you have the entire summer to simply be an eighteen year old.

Okay, I have to get back to studying! I’m still working on my three-part college application series, as well as my summer bucket list, a piece called “Taking Risks”, and a “Letter to Incoming High School Seniors”. I’ll talk to you all soon!








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