Coronavirus Quarantine Series: Day 6

Hey guys! It’s 9:38pm on this Sunday night. I just finished watching the third installment of the Harry Potter movie series. I plan on watching all 8 before my YouTube TV free trial period is over.

As of today, I’ve decided to curb my unhealthy, morbid obsession with the coronavirus. In past days, I would obsessively refresh my Facebook page every 5 minutes, searching for the latest updates on what’s been happening regarding the rampant spread of the virus. As expected, I would be met with the same grim news, the same dismal Facebook posts. I eventually realized what a detrimental effect all this negative news has had on my mental well-being, so today, I decided to cut the nasty obsession. Don’t get me wrong– I still intend to stay informed about the coronavirus. But I will do so responsibly, and not indulgently.

Today was, like yesterday, a mellow, uneventful day. But even the most mundane of days carry their own small victories. For one, I finally finished reading the book “Grit”. I also ran a little over a mile on the levee, even bumping into an old friend on the trail (don’t worry, we kept six feet apart while briefly catching up). At 6pm, I had a successful tutoring session with one of my students, a 5th grade girl. She’s the cutest little thing, and it’s such a pleasure teaching her.

So there you have it– three small but mighty accomplishments. I say accomplishments, because even just a month ago, I would not have had the wherewithal or mental strength to do anything with my days. I’d sit on my ass, nurse my wounds, and wallow in self-pity from dusk till dawn. It was a pitiful existence, and I am so glad I’m out of the dark place.

Now, onto some ways I think I could have improved my day. I should have gotten out of bed earlier (I woke up around 1pm). I also could have done with spending less time on my phone. I didn’t make much, if any progress on my book and website today. And I definitely did not crack open my GRE book. Also, I got into yet another argument with my mother over something stupid. I’m trying to mend my relationship with her, but it hasn’t been easy.

Here are some action items I’m planning for tomorrow, 3/23/20:

1) Write my book

2) Write latest feature article for my website

3) Study for the GRE

4) Start reading a new book (which one, I have yet to decide)

5) Run, stretch, condition, and dance. Gotta stay active to stay healthy!

Alrighty guys! I know today’s update was not very interesting. But what can you expect? It’s hard to have novel, exciting experiences to share when you’re cooped up at home all day. After this quarantine ends, never more shall I take for granted the little things, like eating out at a restaurant, going out with my friends, or even having sufficient toilet paper (luckily, we are still stocked up on TP… for now). In the meantime, I’m just trying to stay sane, like everyone else around me.






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