December Goals: Diving, Ballroom Dance, Giving Back, Facing Fears…

Happy December everyone!! I hope you all are having a great start to this final month of 2014!!

Since it’s the start of a new month, I thought I would make a list of things I want to do by the end of this month:

1. Start diving. Ever since my knee injury forced me to quit gymnastics two years ago, I’ve been dying to find a new passion and put my gymnastics background to use. I think diving is a great sport for former gymnasts to pick up. Diving also looks great on college apps because divers are in really high demand in colleges these days. I’m scheduled to have my try out sometime next week, and I’m really nervous/excited/curious about what diving has in store for me. If I pick up naturally to the sport and, most importantly, enjoy it, then I will pursue it. If I don’t really like diving, then I by no means feel obligated to stick with it.

Oh boy…

2. Try ballroom dance. OMG I absolutely LOVE ballroom dance. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. It’s such a beautiful, unique art, and I’ve been dying to try it for the longest time. Like many others, I developed an interest in ballroom through the reality show Dancing with the Stars, which just so happens to be my favorite show ever. The reason I haven’t started ballroom earlier is because of my shyness and insecurities. In all honesty, the mere thought of dancing with a boy whose face is centimeters away from mine terrifies me. I watch professional ballroom dancers gyrate their hips and do all these sexy moves, and I simply cannot imagine myself dancing like they do. But that’s exactly why I SHOULD pursue ballroom, isn’t it? By doing the very thing that terrifies me, I will feel more confident in myself. I believe that ballroom dance has the power to make a person look and feel more confident. It is also GREAT exercise and just a good skill to have. If you know how to ballroom dance, never again will you find yourself awkwardly glued to your chair at parties and dances, refusing to dance for fear of embarrassment. If you know how to ballroom dance, YOU will be the one showing off your moves at the center of the dance floor. Ballroom will really help with my performance anxiety, as will diving, for that matter, since both sports involve performing in front of an audience. Anyway, as my favorite male pro on DWTS, Mark Ballas, said: “The biggest challenge of starting ballroom dance is getting over that initial fear of awkwardness or embarrassment.” So yes, I will feel nervous and shy and awkward, at first, but in the end, learning ballroom will really pay off.

mark ballas
Mark Ballas, my favorite male pro on DWTS. Isn’t he a hottie?!?!?

3. Make homemade presents for friends and family. Personally, I find homemade presents so much more meaningful than store bought gifts. When a person takes time out of his/her busy life to make a little present for you, it shows that the person is truly thinking about you as a person. It’s so hard for us to find time during our hectic lives to express gratitude and appreciation to those we love, and that’s really what the holiday season is about: giving back to others. And what better way to express gratitude to your loved ones than to make them special, customized, heart-felt presents? Sometime in the near future I’ll be posting some cool DIY Christmas gift ideas I like that you guys can try as well!!

4. Donate to charity. Something I really regret is not being more diligent with donating to the less fortunate in past years. Oftentimes we take the simplest things we have for granted, like having food on the table or a roof over our heads. Can you imagine living on the streets, stomach always growling in hunger, not having a bed to crawl into on bitter cold nights, ? There are many people around the world who live like this, if you even call it living. That’s why I’m making it a goal of mine this holiday season to donate to Goodwill, the Salvation Army, Toys for Tots, and other great charities (there are so many more but I can’t think of them right now).

giving back quote

5. Continue to face my fear of public speaking. My original goal was to be able to conquer my stage fright by the end of the month, but such a goal seems unrealistic at the moment. I am making a lot of progress, however, by grabbing every opportunity I have to participate in class discussions, ask the teacher questions, and speak in front of small audiences.

I want to end this post with a quote that has really motivated me to face my fears:


Thank you all for reading this, it truly means a lot! Hopefully the above quote inspired you guys as much as it inspired me. Remember, real courage is doing the thing you think you can’t do.

Have a wonderful December!!


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