Blogmas Day 12: Half Moon Bay Family Bonding Day

Hey guys! Welcome to Blogmas Day 12. It’s 10:44pm on this Friday night as I begin this post. I’m currently listening to one of my all-time favorite songs, “Come What May”, from the Moulin Rouge! OST. I’m planning on doing a dance choreography to this piece, which is why it’s important for me to listen to it repeatedly.

Anyway, today was a nice day. I woke up around 11am but felt a little bit under the weather. I hadn’t quite recovered from my cold, so I stayed in bed for a while before my brother came into my room and opened the curtains to wake me up. Reluctantly, I rushed through my morning routine. My family decided to go to Half Moon Bay for dimsum at Koi Palace. On the way there, we drove the scenic route, where you could see the oceanview and hills laden with goats and horses. We got to the restaurant at 2pm and had to wait a little bit before getting seated. Dimsum was delicious, as usual.

After lunch, we stopped by Whole Foods to buy some groceries. Then, we headed to the Hillsdale Shopping Center, where my brothers and dad got their shirts tailored at Nordstrom. While waiting for them, my grandma and I sat in the bench area outside of Macy’s admiring that year’s Christmas decorations. After the boys got their shirts fixed, we headed to Nob Hill foods, where I deposited some cash into my bank account, and my dad picked up some medication for my grandmother. Finally, around 5pm, we got home. What a wonderful time spent with family! Gotta cherish our time together, because they won’t last forever.

Once I got home, I immediately began networking for athletes to interview for my website, “The Athlete’s Corner”. I had no idea whether or not people would be receptive to sharing their stories with me. But I had to try, right? So I started by asking people I knew personally, and I already have several interviews lined up! I honestly have a good feeling about this project. I was blessed with the gift to write, and have no intention of wasting it. I’ve always been fascinated by the stories of exceptional people. And for the first time in my life, I’ll be able to use my voice to share these stories with the world. Which, in my opinion, is super exciting.

It’s almost 11pm now. I’m going to try to fix my sleep schedule and wake up early to exercise tomorrow morning! Have a great night, guys!






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